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Do you guys use any apps by LINE? I use their messenger and camera apps – perfect to express exactly how you feel through stickers and there’s so many to choose from! There’s also anime series of their mascots – they’ve got their web series Line Offline up on YouTube which shows more of their personalities. My favourite characters are Cony (the rabbit) and James (the guy with the blonde hair). It’s really funny to watch.

Earlier in the year they collaborated with Uniqlo releasing a range of tees in their UT range! Sydney only has a Uniqlo popup store at the moment so many thanks to B for helping me get the tees when she went to Hong Kong. I think this range has been stocked in most countries, I even saw some designs in the US site. I hope that when the Sydney store is completed, that they’ll stock the Japanese collaboration ranges such as this one.

LINE tee crew :glee

They were only printed in the Mens sizes so I got the XS size, which I prefer anyways since I don’t like the fit of women’s tees. They’re the perfect type of loose fitting which I like – not too baggy and not too tight :teehee . I think the cute designs and bright colours make them perfect to wear in the warmer weather. These are the tees I got:

Being my first Uniqlo items to own so I was surprised at how comfy they are, and they’re so cheap! My favourite store to buy graphic tees from is Graniph, but they cost AU$45 from the Australian store, compared to 2500 Yen in Japan, so I don’t get their items often. I will definitely consider shopping at Uniqlo next when I update my wardrobe, they seem good to get basic and staple items design, quality and price wise.




  • Richelle

    Uniqlo is AMAZING. I am in love with them and it makes me sad that I can’t find any near where I live. I have to go to the USA to find it.

    Uniqlo is always collaborating with a lot of other companies (like Sanrio, Peanuts, Disney) so their t-shirts and clothes are always super adorable. I was hoping that they’d have one in Sydney when I head on over in November T_T

    • Vermillion

      I’m not too sure when the Uniqlo stores here will be open, they’ve got two stores being built though.

  • mihoshappylife

    LINE is so famous!! Especially in Asia >w< I love conny and brown, they are so cute xD

    • Vermillion

      Yeh, they’re so funny aren’t they? *^*

  • Lisa

    Those t-shirts look adorable.

    Uniqlo is one of my favourite stores. I’m quite small, so I was very surprised when I bought a t-shirt back in March on my trip to China that actually fit. I expected it to be at least a few centimetres to long or too wide, as most of my clothes tend to be, but it fit like a charm, especially the arms.

    They need to expand and get a store in Norway as well. I would definitely convert to Uniqlo as my main source for clothing.

    • Vermillion

      I hope they open a store in your country soon!

  • Mija Vera

    the Uniqlo shop in NY is so crazy – love it!!! I missed the Uniqlo X Monster Hunter line though ;ooooo;

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