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SMASH! 2014

The second cosplay convention I attended this year was SMASH! which was held on the 9th and 10th of August at Rosehill Gardens. It was my first time staying overnight at a rental apartment with friends so that was fun to experience (besides not getting enough sleep haha). My eyes look even smaller when I have eyebags since I already have aegyo sal so my eyes look even smaller donn

The highlight of the convention this year was meeting Reika! :blood She’s a popular cosplayer from Japan, who has been a guest at many conventions around the world and this was her first time visiting Australia! She was interviewed by a local newspaper if you want to know more about her.

I really admire her, she looks amazing in her cosplays – she sews and does all the makeup herself, and I like the way she poses and looks in character in her photoshoots. I wish oneday I could reach that level but I don’t think it’ll ever go past a hobby stage for me. I think I already spend too much on it so I’m trying to limit myself next year, I miss spending on other things haha.

My friends and I cosplayed from Uta no Prince-sama.
Photo by Chris

I’m so glad we were able to get a group photo with her since people mainly got photos with her if you caught her wandering around or were in a group she likes and hung around after her autograph sessions :hearteye2 She’s really cute in person despite the type of characters she chooses to cosplay. Her voice sounds really nice!

I got my Ren postcard signed by her which was given to me a while back by a friend and she also gave me her coscard :deer The first thing I did when I entered the convention was to grab an autograph wristband and to buy a photobook from her stall haha. I currently have 3 photobooks of her.


B and I bought her some small treats from Happy Lab and our friends signed an board to give to her.


In addition to doing a group cosplay, we also performed a group skit! Basically there were 2 groups – the senpai/senior group – Quartet Night who danced Poison Kiss (warning: auto-play), and STARISH who did the ending song Maji Love 2000%  (warning: auto-play). I was in the latter group, as Syo Kurusu. We practised since April earlier year and as someone who doesn’t dance, it took me a while to get it all lol. I’m really uncoordinated despite doing gymnastics when I was younger. Thanks to my friends for being patient with me flopping around :chuuu

The only problem we experienced during the skit was that the stage was way smaller than we expected, so there were some mistakes during our skit. But everyone tried their best and had fun which is what matters the most! At least we know for next time :XD

We ended up getting Best Runner-Up skit but we missed the awards ceremony since we left earlier to line up for Reika’s autograph session and we were surprised that we even got anything since we just entered for fun. It was a nice surprise! :eheh


It was really nice being a part of a group cosplay, it’s my first time participating at one in a convention :hearteye2 I think it’s always cool to see a cast of characters being cosplayed because it’s like a completed set. I hope I have another chance next year to join my friends cosplaying again from the same series.

Photo by: Mukuroma

And that’s all for day 1! It was just mainly about Reika, posing for photos and practising the dance :happy2




  • Cat

    Reika was at one our conventions too! That’s cool that you got a photo with her 🙂 Your cosplay group looked great, and you look really cute in your cosplay! I love doing groups, though I’ve never been in one that big. I’d love to organize a big one some day, especially now that my coworkers are interested in Anime cons. Congrats on getting runner-up for your skit too!

    • Vermillion

      Thanks!^^ Hopefully you can find enough people, if you choose to do a big group. I’ve met most of my current friends through the cosplay community and then one of my friends suggested doing a cosplay from that series and then it just rolled on from there XD

  • Alice B

    i actually think your eyes make you look adorable (。・//ε//・。) i didn’t it’s called aegyo sal …i always called it “kyary’s puffy eyebags” lol then again i was never really interested with the k-side of things so… gyarus like those puffy eyebags too, i think? not all, but some. i know it’s famous because kyary’s make up is always like that though.

    omg i remember last year’s AFA in my country where kaname and reika came and i wanted to see them but i couldn’t (┳◇┳) though part of me kind of thankful i didn’t go because the venue was super crowded and cramped. but still… kaname djekhwlk /o/ definitely the best vocaloid’s kaito ever.

    reika is awesome! but i never really dig through her cosplay photos ^^;; oh there’s this cosplayer who’s such an ikemen too err— what’s her name uh… OHHH TOUYA. touya hibiki!! i always have to remind myself that touya is a female -__-;; how unbelievable.

    lol so many otoge characters there *o* i’m not a fan of otome games so i don’t really know, except for some like utapri (whose anime i can’t finish because i’m so annoyed at female leads in otoge anime LOL). i really wanna see k project cosplay though *o*

  • olivia .。.:*☆

    Your Uta-no Prince-sama group looks soo cute o(*゚▽゚*)o Reika was at Animecon in Holland last year too but sadly I couldn’t make it, I hope to meet her sometime :C i’d love to do a group cosplay sometime but maybe I should get to know more people for that ghaha ^_^ Love looking at your pictures!!

    • Vermillion

      Thank you! I hope you get another chance to meet her.

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