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Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Concert!!

I’ve been a fan of Kyary Pamyu Pamyu before she debuted as a singer so to have the opportunity to see her perform live in Sydney was a dream come true! She’s super cute upclose and I had a fantastic time watching her and her dancers perform live. It’s really amazing to see how energetic the backup dancers are.

My friends and I waiting in line! Didn’t like my makeup that day lol :B

Her concert was held on the 23rd of March, but earlier in the morning she had a recording on Sunrise (warning: autoplay) which I went to. I got to see her performing Fashion Monster. It wasn’t really anything special but I went so I could see her upclose lol. I think I stayed for around an hour and a half. While she was in Sydney, she had a really nice ashy rose brown hair shade which I really want to dye my hair next 😊

Kyary on Sunrise! Photo taken by mcluzar

Since they only posted the day before that she was going to be on the show, and I only realised late at night, I didn’t have time to make a nice sign so I quickly wrote “Hello Kyary” on my old art book while I was waiting for her to appear. And sadly it made it on tv hahaha. If  there’s ever a next time I’ll try to prepare something nicer!😋

For the concert, three of my friends and I dressed up as puddings from one of her cms! We tried to make the puddings hats out of air drying clay, but we found it really hard to shape so we ended up sewing it using felt lol. My friend helped me make the cream and lettering from silicone.

My pudding hat

For the rest of the outfit, my friend dyed tees yellow and we put yellow frill lacing on the sleeves,  I cut out the brown collars and glued them on and we had frilly yellow shorts underneath. My friend also made pudding buttons to wear at the front of our outfits. I didn’t manage to get nice photos of our outfits since we were rushing on the day to complete it, but 3 of us managed to end up on tv so here’s a screenshot. It was really random coz they were just waiting there and then asked if they could film us as we were walking to line up lol.


We lined up from 3pm even though it only started at 7pm but I’m so glad we lined up earlier! We were in the first lot of people that they let in. Straight away after walking in I saw the goods store and I immediately bought a tee ($40) and an inflatable Pamyurin ($10). I think it’s cool how they use local sellers to print the tees onto. They were unisex sized and the smallest was S so it’s pretty big on me. Her mascot Pamyurin is super cute so there was no question about buying it 😘 There was also someone dressed up as Pamyurin and they look cheki/polaroids of people with it. A cute souvenir!

The concert was held at UNSW’s Roundhouse and I think it was at max capacity of around 2100 people. It was amazing watching all the people pile into the place. It was also crazy hot inside, I think they didn’t have any aircon incase it interfered with the sound? So I’m glad my tee was really thin and that I was wearing shorts. Luckily I had a nice view from the balcony during the concert coz my friend gave me his spot (Thanks A!). I enjoyed the tracklist which they had, especially Invader Invader and Candy Candy.  Her costumes were also cute, I like how she wore koala ears during the encore.

I guess one thing that surprised me was the lack of people waving glowsticks? I’m used to seeing waves of them and people enthusiastically waving them to the beat but maybe it’s not a thing here. Like there was hardly anyone, especially in the section I was in, I think it was only me and 3 of my other friends ☹

I really hope I have another chance to see her live and that she’ll come back to Australia 😍




  • Uglyfish

    Your outfits are great! I love the pudding hats! It looked a great gig, a shame it was so hot though! Aircon doesn’t usually interfere with sound as in equipment, but a lot of artists request it gets turned off because it really dries the throat out. I love that your sign made it on to the tv! Hahaha! I hope you get to see her again!

    • Vermillion

      Oh really? I didn’t know about that, thanks for the info. And thanks!^^

  • thefrocker

    Oh, that’s awesome! It’s cool that you put so much effort into the outfits for her concert. They turned out great! 😀

  • Cat

    I didn’t recognize the name Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, but I’ve definitely seen those pudding commercials! That’s awesome that you and your friends were able to see her perform 😀 I love your outfits too. They’re so cute! Especially the pudding hat!

    That’s too bad that it was hot inside though. That sounds like too many people to turn off the air conditioning =/ I hope you’ll get another chance to see her perform again!

  • RoyallyBlah

    Oh your and your friends’ outfits are so cute! I want to become a pudding >w<
    I'm so jelly! I'm in WA so the trip over for this concert would have been a bit too pricey for me unfortunately, but hopefully next time ^o^/

    • Vermillion

      Thank you!^^ Hopefully she’ll be able to visit another city in Australia and hold a concert there.

  • Alice B

    kyary’s hair color is really hard to get, the same with tsubasa masuwaka’s. well unless it’s done by a japanese hairstylist then perhaps it’s not as hard. i gave up trying to get the same shade of ashy brown like kyary’s or tsubasa’s never worked and i got my hair chopped off instead. sigh.

    the pudding hat is so adorable *o* you’re goooodd!

    • Vermillion

      I’ve never had an ashy hair colour before, so I really want to try xD I go to a Japanese salon so I think they’ll be fine with dyeing it, it’s just that sometimes I prefer dyeing my hair myself for fun so I’m still iffy about what I want to do next lol.

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