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Omocat Review

I really like supporting my favourite artists by purchasing their apparel so today I’ll be posting about Omocat! Nothing like showing your love through merchandise lol /cough fandoms/.

I first discovered her through Omori Boy and I’ve been a fan ever since. Her range of work covers fanart of games and anime/manga to her own character creations. I really like her style – she has that cute but gruesome style which I like lol, with vibrant and eye catching colours.

This is actually the second time I’ve bought from her from her estore, I own 2 other sweaters and an art print by her, but I got them last year when I wasn’t posting much :gloom

Order Info

  • 1st March – Placed for order
  • 8th March – Received shipping notice
  • 19th March – Package arrived

I paid via paypal and shipping cost me US$14.00. It was packaged like generic clothing orders? In that plastic bag thing lol.


I ordered 2 items:

The SHOTABOY tee is from Omocat’s webcomic, Pretty Boy which is based the relationship two guys with seemingly different personalities.

I think this is the first green top that I’ve bought and I like simple graphic tees which is why I chose it. There’s also a pink t-shirt from the series but I’m not really fond of pink clothing since I don’t think it really suits with what I’ve got in my wardrobe lol.

I bought this in extra small and these are the measurements listed for it on the site:

Chest Sleeve Waist Length
16″ 13″ 15.75″ 26.5″

This is great to wear during the warmer temperatures and the material isn’t too thin. It’s also a 100% cotton American Apparel tee so it’s super comfy! I like wearing baggy unisex t-shirts so I thought the fit was fine.


The DEMONBOY Crewneck is a cute pastel sweater which I thought was perfect to adding some colour in my Autumn/Winter wardrobe. My currently clothing obsession is buying sweaters so I’ve been getting a whole range of different types. And who can say no to buying something with a cute face like that? :shinyred

I got this in small and the site describes it as being screen-printed on a 50% cotton 50% polyester crewneck sweater with these measurements:

Chest Sleeve Waist Length
20.25″ 29.5″ 19.5″ 25″

I wish they sold the sweaters in XS as I prefer my clothing not to be too baggy, but otherwise it’s really warm and comfy to wear. I think I kinda look like a blob if I wear thicker clothing too baggy haha. The weather in Sydney doesn’t get too cold, so it’s fine to wear with a collar shirt underneath.

One thing which surprised me though is the material which the design is printed on with. I think it’s paint while the other sweaters I got previously was just with ink (sorry I don’t know my materials LOL). I just thought it was interesting because of the different texture :eheh

In comparison with the FISHBOY Crewneck


I’m happy with my purchases and definitely will keep buying from her range of apparel if I’m a fan of her future designs. I’ve seen some people complain about the cost but I’m a person who doesn’t really care about the price if I find a design I like. I’ve bought from another designer who started his own clothing line and he prices his clothing slightly more (but it’s due to local production costs) so I don’t think it’s expensive :huuu

If you haven’t heard about Omocat before, please check out her blog, portfolio and store!

And feel free to post any links in the comments to artists you follow online. I’m always interested to look at people’s artworks.





  • Cat

    I follow Omocat’s tumblr! I first ran into her works because of her Zelda fan arts 🙂 I’ve been thinking of ordering one of her fan art print sets!

    The shirts you got look nice. I especially like the design on the sweater. That’s good to know that you’re happy with your purchases! I’ll have to put in an order later 🙂

    • Vermillion

      I also remember her because of those fanarts. Her webcomics of Link are so cute!

  • Tara

    Nice shirts! My only problem with the “Shota” shirt is that the word also means something else . . . soooooo I am imagining that instead LOL. Otherwise, I will have check out the webcomic since I do like my BL 🙂

    • Vermillion

      Haha, I think I know what you mean ;3

  • ryukochii

    Hi there ‘ w ‘
    I’ve just bumped into Omocat’s apparel on instagram and fell in love instaly <3 I'm itending to buy from her, but I'm still a student so I want to know how the print lasted on the shirts, I can't tell my parents I'm going to pay 50$ for something that last only for a few weeks
    Thank yoou :'3

    • Vermillion

      Hello! If you mean the sweaters I think the print will last for a few years, I haven’t seen it start to come off yet.

  • Zachary Buchanan

    Hey, do you know how much the shipping would cost for a UK resident

  • Thomas

    Love their product. But the worst buisness practices regarding processing time and shipping. 20 days in total to get something in the mail. I live in los angeles.

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