UFO Catchers


What do you guys do for kicks? Usually when I hang out with friends it’s just to do one thing – head out to the city and eat  :sunnies What else is there to do? lol  lamelol

Last Monday I hung out with V and we watched the second Sherlock movie. I really enjoyed it, I especially loved the ending!  puuu  Not going to spoil anything, but if you liked the first movie, I’m sure you’ll like the second one :) I really love crime/mystery/thriller themed media  :up

Not sure if anyone knows, but there’s a Sherlock tv series by the BBC which is about Sherlock Holmes solving crimes in the modern times. It’s totally brilliant  :raburabu I’ve been following since it first aired and the second season just finished. There’s only 3 eps per season but they’re really good  :peace I really recommend watching this series.

Anyways, like always we went to Capitol to play around with the UFO catchers happybear  Nothing like being with someone who’s good at playing with those machines lol  winkku And I actually won something for once  OHOHO

I won this strap, but V also won one so we traded them in for a Rilakkuma necklace  squeeheart

And he won me these lol  :happy Ciel from Kuroshitsuji (I really like the outfit designs from this series) and a disgruntled squirrel (or is it a raccoon? :phew ). That animal’s supposed to be like a cleaner or something, so I thought it was funny coz there was a dust bunny on it’s head (I’m so lame)  :teehee

UFO catcher haul lol

This week marked the beginning of semester 2. I’m actually sort of glad to go back since I was getting really bored lol, need to stimulate my brain. This is what my timetable looks like this semester:

Yay for 3 day weekends! I’m also happy for later starts since I like to sleep in, though I finish at 5pm two days. I’m not looking forward to the traffic congestion at that time :gloom

The assessment pile this semester looks ok, though I have at least 1 Japanese quiz every week.

draft preview of my next 2 months

On Wednesday I went out with a friend and we had fun playing with UFO catchers and eating food.  He won all these plushies and gave me 2 since I didn’t win any lol. I swear they’re rigged! :buuu  I had many instances where the claw grabbed the toy and just dropped it…   :=_=U I really wanted this squirrel one but we spent like $8 and still couldn’t get it, I think the head was too heavy lol.