Looking to add some cuteness to your stationery collection? Or maybe you have an eye out for something cute, cool and quirky but you’re not sure where to start searching? Then you should check out Cool Pencil Case!  squeeheart

Remember how I blogged about them a few months ago? Well they’ve got a lot more cute items that I thought I’ld share  :raburabu

This time their range of alarm clocks caught my attention. They have these cute alarm clocks which look like juice box cartons and you can get them in your favourite drink/flavour! :up They’re the perfect bedside companion if you like food related items like me  :hearteye2

Which one would you choose?

Or maybe you’re a heavy sleeper and need something with a bit more zing to get you awake? Take a look at the Aim and Shoot alarm clock! As the name suggests, you’ll need to aim and shoot the target to hit to stop the alarm :star2 You can also record your favourite song as the alarm tune  :peace How’s that to get you wide awake and thinking in the morning?

Aim for the target!