Hey everyone~ Semester 1 has just started so I don’t think I’ll be blogging as much (well about going out mainly) as I don’t really go out during when uni starts lol :92 (which is why I also joined clubs, so I have things to do on campus XD) So I thought I’ll just quickly post about the items I got from Sasa. I haven’t used all the items yet, so I’m sorry I can’t really comment on them. But I shall try to later on.

It was my first time to order from them, pretty pleased overall with the experience :) The items are well packaged – bubble wrap around the items and foam stuffing in the box kirakira Please excuse the lighting in the photos, I was in the middle of cleaning my room at the time so I had to take the photos elsewhere :emb

The items I was most excited for were Tsubasa’s Dolly Wink eyelashes :teehee I guess I went a bit crazy and bought a lot lol :OMGNOWAI Though 2 pairs are for my sister :lol I really love Tsubasa’s range and her fashion :glee5

Nearly complete collection :3

The upper lashes are so long lol, I need to cut them to fit my eye X’D But I like the bottom lashes, all so cute :starr I will try to get a photo with me wearing them…oneday :bunphoto . I usually wear fake eyelashes when I wear circle lenses which is usually when I go out. I don’t really like wearing makeup at uni (also since I’m lazy HAH :9 )

I’m sorry that I haven’t linked to the product pages directly, I just spent my time doing it and WordPress erased it :nothappyjan So here’s the Koji page!

No. 7 Vivid Pop & No. 2 Sweet Girly
Back shot