Wow! I’m so sorry for not blogging & visiting blogs, commenting etc  NG This semester has been much busier than I’ve anticipated  uuun Especially for Japanese since they started teaching from chapter 6 so we had to study chapters 1 ~ 5 by ourselves. There’s also a lot more preparation I have to do before the tutorials  :uwa I know I said that I’ll host a blog give away this month, but I’ve decided to push it back to a few months later so I’m also truly sorry for that  fuuu

Here’s just a mini post to say that, yes I’m alive  yoohooo

Today I bought a PSP 3000 second hand  :peace I’m usually not interested in Sony consoles but I figured that since there’s a lot of interesting Japanese PSP games, it’ll be good to practice my Japanese with :up I decided to get this instead of the PS Vita since the Vita can’t play the PSP games, and also I prefer spending more money on newer games for my Nintendo 3DS :raburabu

The PSP 3000 cost me $92 and surprisingly came with a 2GB card which I think someone forgot to take out, though I bought a 16GB card since I think even 8GB is not enough for me haha :phew

:D it came with a 2gb card & screen protector, but I bought a 16gb card xD

Now the hardest part is finding games in English to play. There’s so many games and I don’t know where to get started since I’ve only followed Nintendo games before. There’s a lot to digest  :blood Any of my fellow blog readers have any PSP game recommendations?  awesomepoop

I’m currently typing up more Thailand posts, so I promise I’ll post again soon! It looks like I need to queue up posts so I won’t have big gaps of absence  :emb