Pinky Paradise


I got 2 pairs of lenses from Pinky Paradise but I only have proper photos of the G&G GBT Sky lenses being worn, so I’ll post about the other pair soon  :sweat I also personally dislike it when blog posts get too busy so I’ll be posting about ebay purchases later this week.

G&G GBT Sky Review G&G GBT Sky Review

:chuuu  Pinky Paradise
I ordered these on the 19th of June and got them on the 4th of July.  They were sent by registered mail so I didn’t mind that that took a while to come. There was also the problem that one of the I had originally ordered was out of stock, but they contacted me prompty and asked if I wanted to change to another pair, which I did.

I received the items in this envelope shown, but they also bubblewrap everything and further wrapped the bottle lenses with foam sheets.

Pinky Paradise

And this is the contents of the package!

Pinky Paradise

I think I got the eyebag mask and fringe sticker for free since I used Jenny‘s code at the checkout :glee2  I’ve always wanted one of the velcro fringe pieces before so I was very happy lol. I got got cute hipo (?) cases to store my lenses in and they’re very cute.