Online Surveys


I’m so happy and excited! wakuwaku A few months ago I signed up with Valued Opinions, which is a site where you complete online surveys and you can get rewarded with gift cards to various stores such as supermarkets and bookstores, and today I received my $20 iTunes card from them :raburabu

Basically, you receive emails from them with links to surveys and they’re all worth different values depending on how long the survey is and the company who created the survey. I’ve completed surveys worth as small as $0.50 to $5.00. Though the surveys do have selection criteria, so you don’t always get accepted to complete them donn I usually received an email or 2 everyday or so.

It took me roughly a month and a half before I could redeem $20 because it also takes time for the company to take the survey to credit your VO account. And after that it took like 2 weeks for it to reach me. I think it’s not bad for filling out surveys in my spare time squeeheart

So if you’re over 14, live in Australia and interested, please leave me a comment so I can refer you puuu


I love freebies :D
My account has finally been topped up after 1 year.. OTL

So far these are the apps that I’ve downloaded:

  • Notica – Some kinda notepad app which looked cool (Sister wanted it lol)
  • Queen’s Crown – Cute RPG
  • Mega Mall Story – One of those addictive type tycoon games. I played the trial and loved it.
  • Fruit Ninja – I’ve never played this but everyone’s like OMG about it so I thought I’ll get it.
  • Camera+ – I saw that Jenny uses this so I thought I’ll try it out. Only 99c too!
  • iDarkroom – I like the bokeh effects it has (too lazy to buy a new lenses for my dslr to recreate the effect..  nyoro )

I think the excitement of downloading new apps dies down after you’ve owned at iPhone for a while, I’ve already spent $60 lol.. fuuu So I’m not really sure of what else to download since I don’t really follow any app sites anymore. Anyone have any suggestions? I’ve got roughly $8.01 left :star2