Since Honto had a point event where you could get 1000 points if you spent 6000yen, I made a big order earlier this month haha.. :sweat  Since their shipping rates went up, I think nowadays it’s only worth it if I can do a big order and accumulate points. Also used it as an opportunity to read some new comics!

From left to right, top and bottom:

  • Koi to Gunkan vol 2 and 3
  • Kera Boku vol 3
  • ChokiChoki June 2013
  • Animal Crossing: New Leaf – Life with Design
  • ChocoMimi vol 7
  • Seibetsu Nante Kimerarenai!
  • Ano Koro, Ore wa Joshi Kousei
  • Seibetsu ga Nai!
  • Nyanpire vol 3

In this post I’m just going to give a brief description of everything otherwise it’ll would turn into multiple essays lol :huuu

Source: zerochan.net

Koi to Gunkan (by NISHI Keiko) is a series which I recently discovered and I found it absolutely hilarious :XD To cut it short, it’s basically about a high schooler who has a crush on the town’s mayor but he lives with this scary foreigner – what’s their relationship? *coughcough* I like the way they contrast the way she sees things compared to her friend (who finds the relationship between the mayor and foreigner suspicious), it just cracks me up :teehee

A group has translated the first 5 chapters online if you’re interested to read it. It’s published in a magazine aimed at middle schoolers so I’m pretty sure it’s all PG rated (haven’t had time to read vol 2 yet haha).