Japanese food


Last weekend, my mum treated me out to a late birthday dinner at Kobe Jones with my family  :star2 Apparently it’s really famous but I can’t recall if I’ve heard of it before…  :emb My mum decided to eat there because she got this really good deal from Groupon – $66 for an 11 course meal (you save $79!)  :up

I really like the location of the restaurant which is located along a wharf. And I think the place has a nice atmosphere  :peace I’m so glad the weather was perfect! tenki The food was also excellent and filling, I definitely want to go back another time  happymeal


Now onto the food photos! Because the menu was already set, I don’t really know the dish names so I’ll turn this entry into a photo post lol :phew

This was a really nice mango/strawberry fruit drink which was thick and fruity  happybear


I’m pretty sure these dishes were all sashimi, expect for the furthest dish at the back. That was rice and crab wrapped up in egg. It looks kinda like a pudding right? It was one of my favourite things to eat throughout dinner  squeeheart



Yesterday I had lunch and dinner with friends as a way to celebrate I’s (belated) birthday and a meetup before she went on her exchange to Japan  balloons1 I guess usually we do a group meet up and dining out like 3 times a year. We’re all pretty busy nowadays even though most of us are on the same campus lol  NG

For lunch we went to Sushi Hotaru :cutlery  It’s a sushi train type of eatery which has only been there for a few months but seems really popular. It’s always been packed every time I’ve walked by it. I had never been there before so J reccomended we go and check it out  :peace


It’s a pretty good place with a nice atmosphere. The rolls are $3 each and you can order them with the touch screen menu on the side or just pick it up from the sushi train happybear  Nifty technology lol. The handmade rolls also don’t take too long to arrive at your table  :3 Everything I ate was very tasty, reminds me of the sushi my mum makes  :bunny

Touch Screen Menu


Eel with cream cheese and cucumber. Sounds like an odd combination but it’s very delicious.