I’m so sorry for delay in posting this, but here it is! :) I’ve been so busy with work, can’t wait for uni to start again haha :starr Please see this link for the links to sellers :zoom4

Timeline - 2011

14/Jan – Ordered items

14~17/Jan – Sellers started to ship out the items

21/Jan – Item got cancelled

22/Jan – Package got shipped out

27/Jan – Received package

For some reason the package got delayed at the Sydney airport lol. This time it wasn’t as fast due to the seller cancelling a item (was for my sister) leakingtears I experienced it once before, I guess maybe they miscalculate their stock or something. But I still got everything in 2 weeks which was great :bunny

Battered Box D:
Item Reviews

:bow3 Rating: 10/10
:bow2 Comments: Very cute and sturdy! It also comes with a wall calendar :3 Great for keeping tabs on important dates. The seller gifted me a pack of stickers which I loooove :heart2 It has vintage and deco type stickers.

I’ve placed another order with Gmarket, I can’t wait for my big package to arrive :buncheer I just need to buy like 9 more items before I can get their VIP status which is apparently achieved when you have bought 50 items or something :3 This time I’ve realised how to use use their coupons (lol) and also they’ve got an event right now so you can have a chance to win coupons daily until the 13th ofNovember. I’ve manged to save ?24,190 on this order, very happy :crazydance

Here’s the list of what I ordered:

Satchel [link]

Diary/planner with calendar & stickers [link]