Finders Keepers


Did you guys know that Instagram now has a video function? You can film clips up to 16 seconds and add filters to them! wakuwaku

Ever since they released the update I’ve been having fun making short clips and I thought I’ld share some and quickly blog about what I’ve been up to lol! I’m so sorry I haven’t been writing up proper blog posts in a long time :ohnoes

On the 22nd and 23rd of June I went to the convention Supanova! Unfortunately I don’t have any photos because the place was PACKED full of people. It was soooo hectic nyoo I was there from around 10:30am and I could hardly walk around the place. So I kinda gave up on taking photos and just concentrated on meeting my friends.

Though most of the 2 days was spent trying to get through the crowds, I bought 2 hair accessories fromΒ One Day in Paradise! puuu I’m not into wearing lolita (though I like to look at the outfits!) but I like interesting accessories. I’ve seen the stars hairclip a lot in photos so I’m finally glad to own it.


It was finally that time of the year in which I celebrate my birthday and see the rest of the month flow into the new year :starr When I was younger I used to be really excited about presents but now I don’t really care lol. Ever since I got a job, it’s so much easier to buy the things I want myself :92

For my birthday I hung out with my high school buddies and we took purikura, had dinner at a Thai restuarant and then went to Finders Keepers :raburabu I prefer eating out somewhere to celebrate birthday, not really into clubbing or drinking lolΒ  megane

Doing silly stuff.. XD

We ate at Chedi Thai and the food was absolutely delicious :cutlery I really want to go there and eat again lol. The menu is a bit expensive but when you share with everyone, it isn’t that bad :meatbun:


We ordered a variety of dishes including pad thai and of course my favourite salt and pepper squid! The squid was nicely deep fried and the sauce that came with it was really good tooΒ  :drool One of the best salt and pepper squid dishes that I’ve eaten lolΒ  ubershinyeyes

Salt & Pepper Squid
My beloved meal lol