Fake Lashes


Hello everyone~ Finally I’m posting another review! wakuwaku I can’t remember the last time I blogged about one haha.

Last month I bought the Dolly Wink no.17 lashes from Honey Color and since I spent over $100 in the order, I got free DHL shipping. I’ll be posting up the review on the lenses later.

I really love Dolly Wink products since they have cute packaging and reliable quality. I was looking for more styles of upper eyelashes to buy so I decided to get no.17. I have her no.2 Sweet Dolly one as well, but I found that they were too dramatic on my small eyes :sobb2

I chose to get this pair as I like how the length of these lashes are shorter and how there were spikes in the middle for a “pop” effect. Coz of my eye shape, I find that the type of lashes which feather or crisscross just make my eyes look longer haha. So I figured the mixture of the straight spikes and crisscross would help with the more natural big eye effect I wanted  puuu

As you can see, the lashes and the design look very stiff. I don’t think I have to worry about the design coming loose! The band unlike her other lashes is black, but I always use dark brown or black eyeliner, so the other of the band isn’t too important to me. They’re also easy to put on and comfortable to wear :chuuu

This is what the packaging looks like. You get 2 pairs of lashes and a mini tube of eyelash glue. I still miss the old packaging of her previous line :sobbb

And this is a pic of me wearing them. I just love how much more natural they look compared to her previous line :raburabu I think from a far you can’t really see the design but I like it that way since I want a subtle but nice design set of lashes to wear when I wear circle lenses.

So to sum up – these are currently my fav lashes to wear. Super comfy, awesome design but the downside is probably just the price. They always seems to mark up the prices online fuuu I would definitely recommend these lashes if you’re looking for a more natural look, but still want a “pop” effect with your eyes.