Eating Out


If you haven’t noticed, one of my hobbies is eating out and taking photos of food (& instagram it!) :camera I think there’s nothing better than having a nice chat with friends, while eating or drinking something delicious :chuuu

I haven’t really been doing anything sort of interesting I guess, besides see a bit of the Vivid Festival and receiving packages (I’ll be posting about them later lol), I though I’ld make a food post of the things I’ve eaten this week and a bit :whoosh Also, I usually don’t eat out this often :huuu

Friday 25th May
I had a quick meet up with a friend after Japanese class, and we headed to My Sweet Memory to drink something warm  :3 I absolutely love going to this place and I go every once in a while. I love their interior design and their ice blended drinks are my favourite. Plus they have waffles with icecream! :raburabu

Hot chocolate!

Saturday 25th May
This was a big day of eating lol, I was out for nearly 12 hours :XD

First we went to Azuma to wait for a quick snack while we were waiting for other people to join us. I can’t remember what this was called, but it’s a raspberry dessert :cutlery


Then we headed off to Din Tai Fung for lunch. Since it was really cold that day, I decided to have some soup for lunch. Plus I love eating wontons! wakuwaku


Did you know that the first Saturday in May every year is Free Comic Book Day? megane That means if you go to participating stores, you can get a free comic from the selection they have yoohooo I heard about it last year, so I decided to check it out at Kinokuniya this year since I was going to the city anyways.

At first I thought I’ld get the Mouse Guard one, but then I saw they were giving out manga as well, so I decided to get Gate 7 by CLAMP. I’ve actually never heard of this series before but the cover looked interesting ahaha It’s a pity it’s vol 2 though, I’ll have to go find vol 1 to read OTL

Kinokuniya also had a 20% off all comic and manga so I bought Chocomimi vol 5 and Ore to Atashi no Kareshi-sama :peace I don’t really read manga anymore but I always have a soft spot for Chocomimi since I used to read it when it was in Ribon when I was 13~16. Kinokuniya doesn’t sell it in Japanese and at the time I didn’t buy manga online, so I buy it in English lol :phew Otherwise nowadays I only buy manga in Japanese in hopes of improving my reading skills :whistle

Free Comic Book Day!

Sadly, I don’t have any more photos to share of the Comic Day event at Kinokuniya, coz I had to quickly leave to attend a doll meet :3seal It took place in the Korean cafe again, they’re so nice to let us take photos of the dolls around their cafe lol  :up This time I only brought my smaller dolls since I was going out for dinner and didn’t want to carry my heavier ones around all day :sweat

May Doll Meet 2012
My boy dolls with P's!
May Doll Meet 2012
Beautiful BlueFairy dolls puuu