Eating Out


Two Wednesdays ago (28th May) my friends and I went to Chur Burger for National Burger Day. They were giving out free burgers with salad and chips and sides to celebrate it. It was my first time hearing about the event, and I’ve never been to that burger joint though I’ve passed it a few times, so I thought them a try. And who can say no to free food? :bunny

The event page said they were only giving away 800 burgers, but by Tuesday night over 4000 clicked attending so we decided to get there at 10am just in case. I’m so used to lining up for things way earlier (like the Tom Hiddleston signing event :sobbb ), so an hour earlier was nothing lol. Turns out we were heaps early, we ended up being like 5th in line haha.

The only criteria to get the free burger was to post a “yummy face” face and to post it onto social media with certain hashtags. And by 10:30am the line had started to grow so we got to choose what we wanted and they have us coloured bands corresponding to which meal we wanted. I really want to commend them for being really organised, like they had security guards and a barrier up by the time we went there, and ordering was efficient so things went smoothly puuu

I chose to get the Zoosh beef burger meal. It was a beef burger with grilled cheese, spiced tomato salsa with peri mayo sauce, and the salad has black quinoa with watermelon, dried olives, feta and balsamic dressing. It was my first time trying quinoa and I found it has an interesting texture, will definitely keep my eye out to try future dishes of it. The burger was pretty good too, though the mayo was a bit too spicy for my taste.
 One thing that surprised me about the event was that they closed the store so you got to dine in. I assumed they would be given as takeout so it was nice to eat inside since it was pretty windy that morning.

Always take photos before eating

And this was the line when we left around 11:50am. The store is at the top (right) and the line when down the whole block.


Even though I probably lined up a bit too early, the food was worth the wait! :teehee

Have you guys heard about milk tea which is presented like a pot plant? A few of my friends posted photos about them on instagram so I decided to give them a try! I went to try them at two different locations puuu


Tea + / Tea Plus is a Taiwanese restaurant located in Burwood. It’s a bit of trek getting there, but easy to get to via the train or bus.

I ordered the Matcha Plant Milk Tea ($5.80) and the Deep Fried Chicken Cutlet on Rice ($9.80). I love green tea drinks and desserts so I thought I would try that flavour first. My friend ordered the chocolate version.

The drinks looks almost too good to drink.

The Pot Plant Milk Tea is really interesting. It’s made up of 3 layers – milk tea as the base, the salty foam and the crushed oreo “soil” with a mint leaf. Stir them all together for a refreshing taste! I’m not really a fan of milk tea, but the seasalt foam makes it a delicious combination.

The Deep Fried Chicken Cutlet on Rice dish was also very delicious and filling – especially the corn that came with it! I’m a big fan of corn and they served it sweetened so it was a bonus for me. I like the way Taiwanese deep fry their chicken, so no complaints there.

This lunch combo was really filling for me, I think their dish portions are quite big so I had to order take away. Perfect place to eat at if you’re feeling a bit more hungry than usual. I definitely look forward to coming back here and trying their other drinks!

Tea Plus
Shop 9, 258 Burwood Road,
Burwood, NSW 2034


The other location I went to try the drinks was at Mizuya, located in the city. They have 3 different flavours – rose, green tea and chocolate and they’re only a bit more expensive at $6.80.

A sign outside

And of course I (and my friends!) tried the green tea flavour. Their drinks also consisted of 3 layers but up of different ingredients – drink flavour base, creamy foam and milo as the soil. I found this drink more strong in green tea flavour, and much more creamier due to the foam. I felt like this was more like a dessert than a drink. It was nice to drink but in a different way.

Cheers for matcha!

614 George St,
Sydney NSW 2000


In comparison, I prefer the pot plant milk tea from Tea+ as I feel the combination is more unique and nicer as a drink. It’s great to have different pot plant drinks to try and I hope more places will have something similar soon! I think it’ll be interesting to see how people can use this concept and come up with their own combination of flavours.