Cheki チェキ/instax


Besides the fun of taking shots with an instant film camera, the next best thing is decorating them! I think adding embellishments creates a personalised touch and feeling to the photos puuu

I’ve been collecting deco stickers from G-market since a few years ago and last month I received another batch of stickers I bought from Taobao. Finally glad that I can use them! I got my recent haul of sticker from this Taobao store. Apparently Taobao ships overseas now, though I’ll still use a shopping service until there’s an English help desk since my Chinese is horrible. The agent I’ve been using for the past year is Bhiner and I haven’t run into problems with them :chuuu

The stickers I got are mainly to decorate schedules/planners but they’re also perfect for instax snaps. While hunting, I mainly kept an eye out on stickers with:

  • Captions/banners so I could write inside them
  • Mini expressions/kaomoji
  • Speech bubbles/words/phrases
  • Mini hats/hair accesories
  • Patterns/borders
  • Cute characters!

Mini stickers are the best so you can fit them around the border or in the photo so it doesn’t cover anyone. Personally I like ones with kaomoji/faces and words so you don’t have to write on the cheki. I think character stickers also adds more expression! I have big writing so I’m always scared I’m gonna run out of space before I complete the word :buuu

Thanks to my friends who helped me decorate most of these

Besides stickers, markers are also a must for me if you don’t have any frame/banner stickers or if the photo is too dark for the stickers. Sometimes I like to write in the date or add little drawings/effects.

I have the Sakura Deco Cute Metallic Photo Marker – 6 Color Set which a friend got for me in Hong Kong. These markers by Zebra are also pretty popular to use, otherwise I’ve seen people use Posca markers as well. I’m planning to buy a set so I’ll probably post about them after I use them! I think as long as they’re made to write on glass/plastic you can use them on the photo’s surface and opaque ink will be visible on dark parts of them film, so buying paint markers are probably the best if you’re not too sure on what to buy.

I’ll definitely be buying more stickers so I’ll probably be posting update every few months. My main problem at the moment is finding albums and ways to display all the photos since I’ve taken so many in the past few months :sweat

I finally bought myself an instax camera a few days ago! I’ve been wanting to get one for ages but it wasn’t on the top of my list to buy, so when I saw the design for the mini 90 I knew I had to get it. I currently really like the vintage look which mirrorless cameras such as the Fujifilm X-Pro1 has.

The Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 “Neo Classic” is the latest release in the instax range which has more features such as:

  • being able to control the lightness (D, N, L, L+)
  • flash (you can choose no flash, flash or no red eye)
  • party mode so you capture the background as well as the subject in low lighting
  • kids mode for fast moving objects
  • landscape mode
  • macro mode
  • bulb exposure mode
  • double exposure mode
  • self timer
Image of the back.
Image source: Fujifilm Japan

I think another appealing feature is that the camera comes with a rechargeable battery! According to Fujifilm, it should last for about 10 film packs. The camera also comes with a shoulder strap to make it more convenient to carry around :bunny

The Aust RRP $219 while on Amazon Japan you can find it for selling ¥16,635. At first I was thinking of asking my friends to get it for me when they go to Japan, but I managed to get it for $199 and it’s always better to have Australian warranty lol. Also factoring in the exchange rate and shipping cost, I’m not paying that much more for it :eheh

Here are some images I’ve taken so far. It’s hard for me getting used to a fixed lens lol! :huuu I’ve never really had to estimate the distance between myself and the subject so I have a feeling I’m going to waste more film before I get it right. Makes you realise how easy it is to keep retaking photos with digital cameras.

Mode: Landscape
Mode: Normal
Flash: On
As you can see, it’s focusing on the chips. I was a bit too close to the subject “ORZ
LEFT; (taken by a friend)
Mode: Normal
Bright control: L
Mode: Normal
Flash: On
Trying to figure out the distance I have to hold it to take a selca LOL

If you’re interested to see more shots, I’ll be scanning them to my flickr puuu

I really look forward to taking more shots! I think part of the excitement with instant film is seeing if what comes out is what you envisioned lol :raburabu