Last Tuesday was my birthday so I went to Burger Project with friends. It opened recently and there were conflicting reviews such as “it was amazing” to “it was like eating a burger at McDonald’s”, so I was hesitant to eat there since I wanted to go somewhere enjoyable for my birthday. But in the end I thought I might as well go there since I would one day regardless of when.

We went in around 1pm and I was surprised to see it was so packed (since I thought the hype had died down lol), but we didn’t have to wait long and managed to find a table to sit at. I ordered the cheese burger (grass fed beef, cheese, onion, pickles, tomato, lettuce and secret sauce – $8.90) and house made chips ($4.90). The food was okay, the beef patty was a bit salty though and the chips weren’t anything special (I like them really crispy) but it was edible which I guess is the main thing :ugh2

For that price and being a gourmet burger place, I’ll rather eat at Grill’d. It’s slightly more expensive but the burgers are filling and I like how the buns are thicker. The chips are amazing there too!


For dessert we went to this cafe which has lovely desserts and a really nice interior design. It used to be called Princess Coco, but it shut down for a few months and it’s now called The Corner Cafe on Day. My friends treated me this fruity cheesecake? I can’t exactly remember what is it because I have a short memory haha, but it was really delicious! It’s wrapped around in dark chocolate and everything tasted really nice together.

Besides eating, we went to Capitol Square to play on the UFO catchers and E won a kaomoji alpaca! There’s also this huge snowglobe at Market City where it has fake snow (I think they’re soap suds?) falling and various snow and Christmas decorations inside. I thought it was an interesting Christmas attraction for a shopping centre lol.


Some gifts I got from friends :deer Barakamon is one of my favourite series from this year, the relationships and interactions between the characters are really cute and hilarious. I also got this cute bracelet and Instax Share SP-1 printer! It’s a smartphone printer so I can print out photos if I haven’t got instax printer with me.


I also want to use the opportunity to say thanks to those who read my blog for the support! Especially those who have followed me for a while. I’ve been a bit lax in posting regular updates since last year because I mainly post photos through instagram nowadays but I’m working on changing that.

I’ve been blogging via wordpress/my own domain for about 4~5 years now, initially I started out wanted to post about my casual interests being inspired by other bloggers but now I’ve developed other interests and hobbies which I’m still considering whether to post here or to still keep it rather general. One thing I’m trying to get into is beauty/skincare reviews – I’ve been really into cosmetics for the past two years but was unsure whether I’ll be able to write substantial previews on them but we’ll see how it goes lol. So far I’ve decided to have a posting schedule of posting something related to lifestyle/interests then reviewing and so on.

Every view, click and comment is appreciated so I hope to have your continuous support in the future puuu

Recently I attended a birthday dinner where we celebrated 8 people’s birthdays – including my own! wakuwaku Semester 2 recently wrapped up and because my uni friends and I were busy with studying in November and some are going on holidays over the Summer, we decided to have a huge dinner party combining the birthdays of people in November and December.

We had about 30 people rsvp to the event so we spent a few hours eating dinner at a Japanese restaurant and the food was delicious puuu This place is known for being cheap and tasty which is a plus for students like us! I shared 4 dishes with 3 other friends and had things like grilled squid and okonomiyaki. I didn’t have time to take photos of everything we ate since we had to leave by a certain time (and we were hungry).

Entering the restaurant. Can you spot me? hehe
Grilled squid!
Grilled squid!

After that we went to get some desserts at Azuma, a Japanese patisserie store, and headed off to a park to eat them :chuuu It’s one of my favourite cafes to eat at, they have a range of delicious treats to buy. I think I’ve posted previously about some of their cakes :glee8 This time I chose to get mixed green tea yoghurt with oreos.


All up, I had a fantastic night celebrating and hanging out with my friends, even though there was so many people it was hard to talk to everyone! :emb It also makes me in awe that I’ve made so many friends at uni lol. It’s been a while since I’ve attended a large birthday event so it was a nice change :peace