For the past few weeks I’ve been busy drafting and finalising membership card designs for my uni’s anime club :peace I’m very excited this year to be an art executive, I just hope my designs are up to people’s standards :emb  I’m only interested in drawing chibi style since I suck at proportions haha nyoo

If I had to describe my style I would describe it as “stationery style” lol :3 When I was in my early and mid teens, I was highly influenced by Japanese stationery notepads produced by Q-lia, Crux etc with their cute, happy style squeeheart It used to be a dream of mine to oneday produce stationery with my designs :star2

Q-lia Sweet Menu
Sweet Menu - one of my favourite characters! I only have the notepad though (Photo by ☆JEANNIE)

So my draft went from this…

to this! wakuwaku

Final Draft!

I tend to be really messy with my sketches, so the final result usually looks much better and/or totally different  lamelol The 4 colours show which background you can choose to get  :meatbun: