Animal Crossing


Did you guys know that Instagram now has a video function? You can film clips up to 16 seconds and add filters to them! wakuwaku

Ever since they released the update I’ve been having fun making short clips and I thought I’ld share some and quickly blog about what I’ve been up to lol! I’m so sorry I haven’t been writing up proper blog posts in a long time :ohnoes

On the 22nd and 23rd of June I went to the convention Supanova! Unfortunately I don’t have any photos because the place was PACKED full of people. It was soooo hectic nyoo I was there from around 10:30am and I could hardly walk around the place. So I kinda gave up on taking photos and just concentrated on meeting my friends.

Though most of the 2 days was spent trying to get through the crowds, I bought 2 hair accessories from One Day in Paradise! puuu I’m not into wearing lolita (though I like to look at the outfits!) but I like interesting accessories. I’ve seen the stars hairclip a lot in photos so I’m finally glad to own it.


A few days ago I received my limited edition Japanese 3DS! :wheeeeee I was really excited since Animal Crossing was the main reason why I got a 3DS and I’ve been waiting since they announced the game at E3 in  2010 lol.

きたー (((°ω°((°ω°))°ω°)))

The main reason why I decided to get it in Japanese is because I’ve always wanted to get a Japanese 3DS since the console is region locked (WHY NINTENDO :kaosweat5 ) some games such as Taiko no Tatsujin will never get localised overseas, plus I like how it comes with the game preinstalled. So I decided to give in buy it wakuwaku At first I was worried that my Japanese wasn’t good enough to play it since it’s pretty text heavy, but so far I can understand most of the text kirakira

Back of the box

One of the major differences in this version compared to the older games is that you’re the Mayor! The old mayor has retired onto an island (which you can access later) so now it’s up to you how you want to design your village and how it’s run. You can choose to build community projects such as adding in a camp site, bus shelter, lamp posts and build things like a cafe or police station.

Doesn’t my character look cute?