It’s finally time for a mini review post! It’s currently the end of semester, so by next month I’ll be done studying for the year and will be able to post more :sobb2 I’ve got quite a few review posts backlogged and a Japanese cosmetics order coming in, so stay tuned! :happy

Another bag added to my collection~

On the 25th of July I preordered a “Back to School” package from the Arpakasso Online shop and received it earlier this month (9th Oct). It cost me ¥6000, which included an Arpakasso alpaca backpack, 3~5 alpaca themed items (I ended up getting 5 alpaca items and 1 set of cake stickers) and Japanese candy. The cost of registered air mail with tracking was also included puuu

Stationery Items

The stationery items are very cute :blood I got a mechanical pencil, double tipped highlighter, notebook, index tabs/page markers, flat case and stickers. I don’t really write anything nowadays since I always type up all my notes but it’s always handy to have a notepad and pen/pencil in your bag wakuwaku


These are super cute and useful for marking your textbooks! :bow2

It’s been a while since I last updated aye? But I haven’t really doing much since I’m preparing for my uni’s orientation week by making badges and designing various things  superpowerz  I’ve also been watching this Korean drama called Wild Romance. I think sometimes it’s a bit over the top, but I like the plot overall happybear

I also got my first Arpakasso alpaca yesterday! A friend recently came back from Hong Kong and got me one~  :3

Alpaca from Becky (^O^☆♪

She’s called Hana-chan according to the little card she came with. I had no idea they had names :emb Yuki-chan is my favourite squeeheart

Sorry for the brief and boring post lol. I’ll have lots of things to post about over the coming week or two such as my uni’s orientation and my trip to Thailand  :glee3