About Me


Recently I got a new shelf in my bedroom! My exams are over (though I still have the JLPT) and I’m on my Summer holidays lol, so I decided to do a major clean out of my room. I’m unfortunately am a big hoarder  :huuu I like to collect things and I’m a shopaholic, so next thing I know, I’ve run out room.

I’ve been throwing out a lot of my old study notes etc  to make room for more shelves. I think it’s pretty sad most of my hobby items take up the most space.. I still need to get my dad to assemble me another shelf. So this my new shelf, which has 5 layers wakuwaku

I got a new shelf~

At the top I have my Konapun and random assortment of fake food items. If you don’t know Konapun is this totally awesome toy – you add water to these special powders and you can make fake food puuu I’ve been collection them since 2008. It’s a pity that Bandai has stopped producing it, though there seems to be a lot of the Chinese version floating around.

Food, glorious (fake) food

On the next level below I have my Azone dolls, Nintendo DSi/3DS, toys won from UFO catchers and random cute stuff.  Thanks to one person who keeps winning the toys for me haha. I need to think of a better way to position the toys though.