It was finally that time of the year in which I celebrate my birthday and see the rest of the month flow into the new year :starr When I was younger I used to be really excited about presents but now I don’t really care lol. Ever since I got a job, it’s so much easier to buy the things I want myself :92

For my birthday I hung out with my high school buddies and we took purikura, had dinner at a Thai restuarant and then went to Finders Keepers :raburabu I prefer eating out somewhere to celebrate birthday, not really into clubbing or drinking lol  megane

Doing silly stuff.. XD

We ate at Chedi Thai and the food was absolutely delicious :cutlery I really want to go there and eat again lol. The menu is a bit expensive but when you share with everyone, it isn’t that bad :meatbun:


We ordered a variety of dishes including pad thai and of course my favourite salt and pepper squid! The squid was nicely deep fried and the sauce that came with it was really good too  :drool One of the best salt and pepper squid dishes that I’ve eaten lol  ubershinyeyes

Salt & Pepper Squid
My beloved meal lol

I’m sure most people have heard of PONPONPON by Kyary but recently I’ve come across a cover by kanzentaicell (完全体セル). I really like his voice :raburabu

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Anyways, yesterday I went out with V to have an early celebration of my birthday  :wheeeeee I still can’t believe my birthday is on Friday. I still remember what I did last year for it.. I feel oooold  lamelol

I manged to take a quick outfit photo  :camera I rarely take outfit shots since I don’t have a full length mirror in my room  :Aa We only have them in the garage or the spare rooms lol  :emb

Love my winged boots :3

Tee- WC
 Socks & Boots- Taobao


We had lunch at Musashi again  :cutlery I had sushi and an okonomiyaki which was pretty filling. I also tried this blue colourful drink (which I can’t remember the name of) which tasted like fizzy lemonade :starr  The yellow/orange one was like a citrus soda which was interesting.