I’ve realised I hardly post about my social life in regards to uni – I think the last time I made a proper post about it was when it was orientation week  :emb So here’s a quick post on a Christmas party I went to on Saturday  :xmas

I really like my uni’s anime club, everyone is really great and friendly chuchu:  I’ve made a lot of friends through that club (and the Japanese society) this year :meatbun:  I was really nervous about transferring to another university but in the end I’m glad I did  :peace

I think having a social life is important as well as studying, university’s a great opportunity to meet new people especially since there’s so many international students :happy2  The university I went to previously was really small so even know I met a lot of nice people there, there was not much social interaction beyond the required classes. They also didn’t have any clubs besides sporting ones I think lol  NG

So at USYD, most of the societies I’ve joined have a lot of meetings and social gatherings. The anime party I went to was hosted by another local uni but they invited other unis to attend  balloons1 I had a pretty good time though I mainly talked to people I knew. It was really hard to hear people over the music lol :| Also there wasn’t that much food :Aa It seems like from the events I’ve been to that are held in room blooked hotels, it’s better to eat beforehand :swirl

But luckily we had cake to eat! My fellow Anime club execs (I’m one of the art directors next year!) also got me this adorable bear cake. It was very creamy and delicious :cutlery

Birthday cake my fellow Anime club execs got me (^з^)-☆

They had lots of prizes going around and so it became like a “SUAnime – let’s aim for the prizes compeition time” – lightheartedly of course  XP When we pooled together for Pokemon bingo, we managed to win a gundam! They gave it to me since it was my birthday  energeticbun


Today was the start of the O-week (orientation week…though it lasts for 3 days :lol2 ) for my uni so I went along to join clubs and check out the place :92 My first impression was that there were so many stalls :OMG If you’re curious, here’s how many clubs that are currently formed lol. At first it was cold and rainy :umbrella but then it cleared and warmed up. Sydney weather is becoming really weird :nyoro

In front of the Main Quad