Happy (belated) New Year ✨ After (yet another) break from blogging I’m feeling refreshed and ready to post again! For the past few years I’ve felt like I’ve been in this repetitive loop in what I’ve been doing which didn’t really inspire me to post anything. But recently I’ve thought about the direction and the sort of things I want to talk about in my blog and also I’ve been getting into new things so I feel pumped again to update. I think it’s nice to have my own little space in the web and talk about things which I don’t really talk about with friends 😂
So what has happened since I last posted? I went back to short hair as the bleached ends of my hair went all dry and horrible. My hair got really damaged when I went to America so I’m not sure if it’s because of the water or because I didn’t use my usual haircare products or a combination of both 😰 So back to bobs and short hair it is! This time I chose to get my hair dyed a dark ash brown. I’m really pleased with the way it turned out, though my ends are still bleached so currently I have an ombre going on 😄 This snap below was taken on the day of my haircut✂

I also finally got new frames. I was supposed to get new frames like 2 years ago but I was lazy and forgot so I only ended up getting my new pair last month. In a way I’m glad though, otherwise I wouldn’t have gotten this design! I love the gradient from silver to white on the front and the hearts on the side 😍 It looks gold though since my iPhone is gold.

Another thing which got upgraded was my phone! I was torn between getting the rose gold or gold iPhone 6s, but I settled for getting the gold colour. If the rose gold was more bronze I think I would have gotten it since I’m not too fond of pink. After plunging into the world of mobile gaming, I went for the 64gb storage. I feels so good to have heaps of storage to download a lot of apps and not to have to keep moving my photos to my desktop 👌


Another big thing that happened to me last year was that I travelled to the U.S and Canada! It was an interesting experience, especially to see what life is like there compared to what I’ve seen on tv and to hear all the different accents haha. I only spent 3 days in Canada, but I really liked visiting Montreal city and I hope to go to Vancouver one day.

And most exciting of all, I finally went to Japan earlier this year! 😭 I applied for a cultural program in November last year and got chosen, so I went on an all expenses paid trip to Tokyo and Yamaguchi. Even though I was only there for 8 days, I had an amazing time. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m more used to Asian/Japanese culture but I felt much more comfortable being there compared to my trip in America. I definitely see the appeal of why so many people like to travel to Japan, and hope to go back again next year 🌸

I’ve realised I hardly post about my social life in regards to uni – I think the last time I made a proper post about it was when it was orientation week  :emb So here’s a quick post on a Christmas party I went to on Saturday  :xmas

I really like my uni’s anime club, everyone is really great and friendly chuchu:  I’ve made a lot of friends through that club (and the Japanese society) this year :meatbun:  I was really nervous about transferring to another university but in the end I’m glad I did  :peace

I think having a social life is important as well as studying, university’s a great opportunity to meet new people especially since there’s so many international students :happy2  The university I went to previously was really small so even know I met a lot of nice people there, there was not much social interaction beyond the required classes. They also didn’t have any clubs besides sporting ones I think lol  NG

So at USYD, most of the societies I’ve joined have a lot of meetings and social gatherings. The anime party I went to was hosted by another local uni but they invited other unis to attend  balloons1 I had a pretty good time though I mainly talked to people I knew. It was really hard to hear people over the music lol :| Also there wasn’t that much food :Aa It seems like from the events I’ve been to that are held in room blooked hotels, it’s better to eat beforehand :swirl

But luckily we had cake to eat! My fellow Anime club execs (I’m one of the art directors next year!) also got me this adorable bear cake. It was very creamy and delicious :cutlery

Birthday cake my fellow Anime club execs got me (^з^)-☆

They had lots of prizes going around and so it became like a “SUAnime – let’s aim for the prizes compeition time” – lightheartedly of course  XP When we pooled together for Pokemon bingo, we managed to win a gundam! They gave it to me since it was my birthday  energeticbun