Hello everyone! I’m so sorry for not blogging for a while, I recently got my monitor replaced so I can start posting and editing photos again :glee2 I’ve tried blogging from the WordPress app on the iPad but it’s just not the same as posting from a desktop and uni started again so I thought I should focus more on that as I’m finally in my final year haha.

Anyways the most exciting thing that happened to me recently was probably getting my hair done a few days ago! :raburabu I went to a lovely place called At The Garden Tokyo as they recently opened their second store so they had opening specials. I’ve had a few friends go there and say they had a fantastic experience so I thought I would take advantage of the offer and I’m glad I did! The staff are very friendly and the interior is very nice and comfy with a vintage like feel. I went with a friend but after we were seated we saw 2 of our friends come in to try them out as well, thanks to them for putting up with us :XD


I’m trying to grow out my hair layers and get it past my shoulders (I’ve finally finished with my short hair phase?haha) so I just got my hair trimmed and fringe restyled and to get rid of my horrible regrowth. This time I opted for an ashy brown colour. After experiencing bleaching my hair last year, I think I’m going to stick with darker colours for time being. I think the dye job turned out pretty well considering 80% of my hair is still bleached, I’m just wondering how the colour will fade in a few months time :sweat


I think they’re definitely worth checking out if you’re looking for a Japanese salon in the city where you’ll be satisfied with your results! They also have 30% off for students and if you refer a friend (you’ll both get the discount!) and 50% off when it’s your birthday :shinyred


Currently my hair inspo is Rinko Murata! At the end of last year she cut her hair short, so I like looking at her currently hair styles since then to get inspired and grow my hair to a similar length. I also like her clothing style – she models for mer, whose concept is for those who “want to become cute”, “want to be fashionable” and “want to be happy”, so I find their coordinates simple but a cute and girly style. I like how it’s casual with more of a focus on coordinates and patterns, so it’s easy to find similar items locally and I don’t have to go through the trouble of buying Japanese brands.

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Hot Pepper Beauty is also another good place to see current hair trends in Japan and there’s a lot of styles! It’s a directly of hair salons in Japan, so they upload their styles through there. If you’re in Japan you can also use it to book appointments and there’s coupons you can use wakuwaku


  1. aaaaah i miss your blogging!!! I really love your new hair and inspo :3 I’ve been trying to grow my hair longer as well but I thought it would be boring to just let it be so I cut my sides into hime cut, since it’s just small part i have hard time showing it irl lol.

    I want to see more of your kenma cosplay (thanks to you I’ve been in a roll watching sports anime!)

    • hehe all the sports anime lol! I’ll probably be uploading more cosplay photos soon :D

      ahhh I see, I think your hairstyles always suit you *u*

  2. Cute haircut! It looks good on you! The hair color looks great too :) I’m in the opposite phase right now, haha. I grew my hair past my shoulder for the winter, and now I’m ready to cut it all off and have short hair for the summer.

    Hot Pepper Beauty looks like a nifty site for getting ideas!

    • It is, they constantly update and add styles so you don’t have to keep hunting through many sites!

  3. your new hair style looks great and I’m happy I started to follow you just in time to have you blogging again. The brand sounds really interesting and I will definitely check them out later, when I have a bit more time on my hands… university starts next week for me, too – so we’re in the same boat, haha.
    The best of luck for your final year!

  4. I love the site Hot Peper Beauty! I also check the hair style I would like to have before going to the hair dresser’s. Your hair color looks lovely and short looks so good on you. I am probably going to cut my hair next year! I think I finished my long hair phase xD

  5. I’m about to chop all of mine off! I really love the color – I love the darker honey colors…so soft and lovely!

  6. oh my gosh, rinko is so gorgeous !! Makes me want to cut my hair as well but I know I don’t look good with short hair LOL
    I’d really love it if we followed each other :)
    Hope you follow my blog ‘Heylinni’ at:
    I’d be glad to follow back! Us bloggers should support each other ^_^

  7. ah, it’s been a long time since i’ve visited your blog. my apologies. real life gets in the way of everything.

    ahaha, you’re over the short hair phase too! i’m over the bob hair phase too and have been trying to grow them out. it’s close to shoulder length but i want to grow them pass my shoulder. it sucks how my hair takes yearrrs to grow ugh (i will achieve the perfect hime hair length! straight bangs, long straight hair kind of style!! *throws fist into the air*) …

    ah since you know rinko, do you know seventeen models? not sure if you’ve heard of this name before but my hair used to be like hashimoto ai’s – neck length bob. now that i think about it, it’s sort of like rinko’s length (the left picture) haha..

    i love your new hair color! i wanted to try ash brown but what if it gets brassy? ugh. they said ashy hair color needs silver shampoo for maintenance. is it true? i’m currently loving dark colors on my hair, probably because of how japanese models tone down their hair colors now – minus harajuku fashion like kyary’s because kyary is that wild…and i love it tbh.

    do you read magazines like KERA and stuff? i love ayamo’s fashion sense too, if you know her :P

    • It’s okay! I totally understand, personally I’ve stopped thinking about blogging despite wanting to post regularly again lol.

      Yes, I’ve heard of seventeen models but i don’t really follow them. I came across Rinko on Beauty Pepper, then I realised I’ve seen her modelling for mer xD

      I can’t really tell if it’s gone brassy since I had orange-brown/bleached hair previously. The ashy tone has faded but I don’t think my hair is as orange as before lol.

      I don’t really follow magazines nowadays, I mainly just follow magazine models through instagram :D

  8. Your blog is so cute! I love your hair inspiration too, I want to have mine like that but I’ve vowed to let it grow long like some kind of forest fairy so I’m not allowing myself to get it cut at all! Gonna follow your blog!

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