Happy New Year!! Hope you all had a nice Christmas or break celebrating and relaxing with friends and family. Here are some of my favourite from last year which I didn’t get to post about so I thought I would do a mini round up post.

 :shinystar Favourite Makeup Items :shinystar 

The DUP Wonder Eyelid Tape Extra is definitely one of my favourite and one of my most used items last year. I have single eyelids so I feel using them helps gives my eyes more definition and makes them look bigger, especially while wearing circle lenses. If you already have double eyelids you can use them to make the crease deeper or change your double eyelid position.

I would say this is my favourite item because it’s easy to use, lasts the whole day and it’s a subtle but makes a noticeable difference to your look. I’ve used double eyelid glue but this method is much easier and I don’t have to worry about the glue wearing off and messing up my makeup!

I find that placing the tape on my eyelid and then using the V stick to push the tape in so it sticks between the fold, is easier than inserting the tape like in the instruction depicted above. Another tip is to use a wet tissue or makeup wipe to remove the tape, they’re pretty painful to remove, especially if you’ve just stuck it on.

Here’a a video of a someone applying it and a makeup routine wakuwaku


Another item I’ve loved using this year is the Etude House Mascara Lash Perm 3 Step Volumcara in Brown. I picked it up while I was in Hong Kong since it was on sale so I’m glad I bought it! I can’t seem to find much info about it online so I guess it was a product they released for a certain range sometime during 2013.

I would say the brown is like a medium brown colour? I’m not sure how noticeable it is far away since I have short lashes but I’ve had friend comment about it before so I guess it’s obvious up close :teehee I guess the only downside is that is can be clumpy, so I’ve only used step 1 (you twist the tube to get more product on the brush) so I can’t really comment on the build and how it volumises the lashes.


 :shinystar Favourite Apps :shinystar 

Cost: Free
iPhoneAndroid | Site

I think this is the perfect app for taking selfies! I love using the filters under the Portrait mode, particularly the Natural and Sapphire filters – it makes your skin look so nice! I find that they’re best used with good lighting though. The above photos was taken with the natural filter (sorry I only have pics of myself using the app while in cosplay haha :emb ). The app also has different features such as retouching photos and collaging and different filters for taking photos of food, scenery etc.

If you’re interested to see which other apps I use for editing photos, please take a look at this post I made earlier last year.

Love Live! School Idol Festival
Cost: Free
Japanese: iPhone | AndroidSite
English: iTunes | Android | Site

One phrase I kept hearing last year everywhere was “Love Live”. I’m usually not a person who follows idols (3d or 2d lol) but so many of my friends were playing this so I decided to check it out. Just how big is it? At the end of last year, it hit 10,000,000 downloads! Amazing right? :sweat

It’s a music rhythm app which follows the group of 9 school students, μ’s (Muse),  and you play the rhythm games helping them during their live shows and also recruit new members. Songs get unlocked as you progress through the story or there’s songs which change daily, or are promotional when singles are released, which you can download.

The songs are catchy and there’s different cards with cute outfits so if it’s your kinda things I think you should try it out! There’s constantly different events running to get different cards so it’s not too boring (prepared to get the songs ingrained in your brain). It’s also available as a game on the psp and there’s an anime series if you’re interested in checking it out in different mediums.


 :shinystar Twitter Accounts :shinystar 

Besides using Twitter to spam keep in touch with my friends, I like using it follow models! Yohdi Kondou is one of my favourite models at the moment, I think he has a cute style and he takes funny photos. I think he became popular through social media and modelling for Wego. He currently has 2 style books and a photobook out, and hosts on a tv show called “musicるTV“.


Another model I follow is Asaka who is under the ASOBI SYSTEM agency. I like following her for short hair inspo! I think she has simple but cute hairstyles.



And I think that sums up most of last year! I wanted to write up a bit more but I didn’t want it to turn into an essay :XD


  1. After all these years, your blog is still one of my most favorites <3
    I just love how cute everything you do haha! I have the lovelive app too but I had to start from the beginning since i forgot to transfer my acct when I changed to Android ;A; waaaa

    Also, have you heard of this Ms Bow Bow eyelid tape? I am waiting for my etude eyelid tape to run out so I can finally try them! :3

    • Awww ;w; Thanks for still following me for so long! I always enjoy looking at your photos and blog posts.

      I haven’t heard of that product before but it looks really interesting with the mesh tape! I think I’ll try it next as well, if I don’t try DUP’s new product.

  2. damnn asaka is way too cute!! :O very inspiring hairstyles ^^ and I’ve planned to buy some double eyelid glue *cant wait* :3

  3. I have single eyelids too! I’ve never tried eyelid tape before, though I’ve seen them and have wondered about them. That’s good to know that it’s pretty easy to use.

    MeituPic looks like a useful app! I’ll have to take a look. Asaka is so cute too :D I didn’t know about her before!

    • I know BeautyPlus is another popular beauty/selfie app to use if you’re looking for more of those xD

  4. Ohh awesome favorites! I’ve been eyeing the D-Up double eyelid tape as well :D i’ll be buying it in the future month of end of january or feburary so I’m looking forward to using it! how long does it usually stay on? I heard it comes off around 6 hours or so O:

    • Oh really? I’ve never had it come off before, I usually wear it for the whole day, especially at conventions so maybe usually more than 9 hours?

  5. I LOVE Love Live! The songs are so dang catchy and the storyline is cute. Unfortunately, I don’t have enough time to play on most days, so I’m not progressing as fast as I’d like. Still, it’s entertaining and it’s usually not boring to replay songs.

    If you like K-pop, there’s Superstar SMTown, which is also a rhythm game. It’s a lot of fun as well! Only thing is, if you don’t see it in your app store, you may have to download it using Qoo.

    • I usually only play when events are on, otherwise I burn out from all the songs xD

      Oooh that looks interesting, I’ll take a look into that app thanks :D

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