It’s been a while since I’ve done a post like this so I thought I’ll do something like an update post!

I’ve been using this backpack for a few months now, I usually like roomy bags, especially backpacks, since I carry around a jacket/cardigan/sweater since I get cold easily.  It’s lightweight and has a few compartments so it’s perfect :teehee Also I tend to carry a lot of things with me, I’m the type of person who always overpacks haha.

I like carrying around my mini instax 90 to practice taking instant film photos. I haven’t been taking photos with it recently (besides cosplay shots) so I’ve been trying to take photos of other things such as scenery, flowers etc.

Recently I got a new wallet from kikki.K which I love! It’s a bit puffy and reminds me of a strawberry. I’ve had my old wallet for around 7 years, it was the first thing I bought off eBay, so I was was in need for an upgrade! First time having a long wallet – I like all the slots for all my cards which makes them easier to see and use.

My Rilakkuma coin/pass case is also something I’ve owned for a few years, I think it was the first thing I bought from Strapya-World while I was still in high school. I like using it to hold all my coins so they don’t dirty or weigh down my wallet. It’s also handy for the Opal pass (reloadable transport card) as I put in in my front bag pocket, so it’s easy to take out to take and scan when I need to use it.

I probably carry too many makeup items with me but I don’t know how to cut down! :=_=U I’m still looking for a small brown eyeshadow palette so I probably will have to cut down on what I carry out when I get it lol. I like carrying items just incase I need them, so I don’t need to buy them if I do need it while I’m out. Also I like carrying hair wax incase I’m rushing out of the house I can quickly style my hair while I’m on the bus or something.

Something I always have to have with me is my portable battery charger. I picked it up while I was in Hong Kong and it’s so handy since I can use it to charge my 3DS or iPhone while I’m on the go. I can use it to charge my phone fully around 3~4 times? So it’s more than enough atm, not sure if it’ll change when I get a new phone. I also really like it due to the size and texture of the casing. It’s made from some type of silicone? so it gets dirty easily but it’s nice to touch :eheh

I also usually carry my 3DS with me. I own two due to the region locking and because I want to play games in Japanese which I know will never get localised overseas (such as Taiko no Tatsujin). I currently carry around my Australian one atm since I’ve been playing Fantasy Life on it. It’s a good way to pass the time on public transport when I don’t want to browse on my phone.

I like having a spare bag with me incase I go shopping and bags are always useful aren’t they? This tote bag is one from my uni’s anime society and features a few of my favourite characters.

This plastic water bottle bag is really handy as it becomes really light as you drink water. I think it holds around 500mL so it’s handy whether I’m at uni or just out with friends.


Here are some other bags I use. I mainly use my Hershel bag for Uni, it’s so great for holding textbooks! I like really the padding of the straps and back. I got the largest size so it would have more room for my laptop, but then my laptop broke haha. It’s also a good bag for travelling, I use it as a carry on bag for when I’m on a plane.

And the other bags depend on my outfit or mood. I really like the dark blue shoulder bag because it has elephants on it and I got it when I was in Thailand. Also the American Apparel x WC (Chinatsu Wakatsuki) canvas bag is another favourite because WC used to be my favourite brand and I like how it’s shaped like a plastic bag :blood


  1. ahh noo way you have too much cool stuff >.< I'm glad that you shared this with us cuz wahhh u got awesome items in your bag

  2. I like roomy bags too because I kind of carry a lot of things, haha. We carry similar things! I also carry around a long wallet, 3DS (in the same aqua color), camera, and spare bag. Your wallet, coin purse, and make-up bag are so cute :) I’m a big fan of the long wallets because of how many cards they can carry.

    I have a portable charger too! They’re so handy, especially on trips. I don’t carry it on a daily basis, but I definitely pack it when I travel.

    I always like seeing this bag meme because it’s fun to see what people carry around :D

  3. Very jealous of the Animal crossing 3DS! I have the Zelda one, but I much prefer the design of the Animal Crossing one. Carrying around a portable charger is such a good idea! Roomy bags are much better, you never know when you’ll need to carry something else! The water bottle is really efficient, I want one!

    • I couldn’t resist the design of the Animal Crossing one when I saw it. I like how the Zelda one is all gold though!

  4. I carry my 3DS everywhere too!! I have a Ariel long wallet to replace my heavy COACH one…. I love these bag posts!!

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