I swear time flies by really quickly, and then when I notice, it’s been a while since I’ve blogged lol. I can’t believe it’s July already! Here are some snaps to finish off June.

I finally got my AmiAmi may order last week! Only 2 items since my June and July orders cost more and I’m saving up for a new camera at the moment. The Masamune Date plushie is a collaboration between GIFT and Algernon Product. Masamune is one of my favourite characters and I love all the super cute plushies GIFT makes, so I immediately preordered it when it became available. The crescent on his helmet got slightly bent, which was a bit disappointing, but I guess it’s a bit hard to package it since it sticks out. He still looks so fierce in his chibi form :blood


The other item I got was Shingeki no Mint in grape flavour, which has 6 packets of mints in tins. I was hoping to get Armin but unfortunately I didn’t and got hilarious images on them instead. It smells like it’ll be sweet like grape bubblegum but there’s a kick of citrus in it? which is good to have after eating a meal.


On the 29th of June I got my hair cut, I think it’s been a bit over 6 months since I’ve cut my hair. I usually get my hair cut every 3~4 months, but because I permed my hair I wasn’t sure what cut to get so I just let my hair grow until I got sick of it lol.

This is the hairstyle I used as reference. I really like the hair catalogue of AFLOAT, I think they have cute and simple styles which you can style at home yourself if you don’t want to get an airy perm. I’m always a fan of short hairstyle with layers :eheh

ll351b7f32ad5eba48316416801bc469e2[1]     Sneaky shot a friend took haha

Surprisingly it took 1.5 hours to cut my hair, including hair washing it twice, I thought it would only take 40mins but I guess there was a lot of hair to thin out. Thanks to my hairdresser for all her hard work!

I currently go to blu:/ creativity which I highly recommend! They have nice and friendly service and I really like the atmosphere of the place.

14575481144_8fdd455275_o[1]     14390645549_0aefca2e3e_o[1]

Before and after shot! My head feels so free now :bunny Now I need buy more haircut products and try to figure out how to style short hair again. The great thing about having a perm that I only needed to comb my hair and spray some leave inconditioner to quickly style it.


N2 is a gelato bar which always has really interesting gelato flavours and combinations from regular flavours such as cheesecake to pork floss. And another cool thing is that they use liquid nitrogen in the process of making it!

Last week they had kimchi served with roasted rice gelato so my friends and I decided to try it for fun. The kimchi wasn’t spicy at all and the gelato took away the taste of the kimchi so it was like eating crunchy gelato. A lot of my friends complained about the kimchi aftertaste which they had later on in the night though haha.


Do you like Ikea food? I’m not really found of their food meal wise, I prefer eating their desserts and soda more. I usually just order their kids meal because I don’t really like the other meals they serve. I had their seafood meal before and it was sort of like I was eating rubber lol.  Their cream cake with marzipan is my favourite, I love the sweetness and texture of it. And it’s nice getting free soda refills after you pay $2 for the glass.


  1. I love those Shingeki no Kyojin tins! I would buy those mints just for the tins XD

    Your hair cut looks really cute! I think it looks great on you :D I love the way short hair feels after growing out your hair. I recently had mine cut short too, and it felt great since it’s so hot now.

    Whoa, I’ve never had gelato flavors like pork floss or roasted rice before. That sounds interesting, but I’m not sure if I’d like kimchi with my gelato, haha.

  2. I already saw your new haircut on Instagram! I have to tell you again: you look so cute even with long or short hairs *___*

    When I am in IKEA, I usually order the “Köttbular” meat balls :D they are my favourite!

  3. Ahh, thanks for putting links to the places you visited! I’m the type of person who saves cool restaurants on my Google map, even if I have no plans to visit in the near future :3

    I looooove IKEA food. Those Swedish meatballs are amazing. TBH, they don’t even taste like meat, but it doesn’t matter! That mush is delicious~~

  4. craaaaap my comment got cut >____< sigh

    anyway, i was saying:

    your hair's adorable. both long or short. how does one do that LOL i can never dare to cut my hair that way.. also, don't trust the salon here. they all suck with japanese haircut. thus the shortest i go is only bob-ish, kinda like maeda atsuko's old bob hairstyle pfft

    oh was that digital perm or–? there are various kinds of perm, right? like… wave and stuff…i can't remember. i want perm but afraid that i might get fickle and miss my straight hair haha

  5. Love your new hairdo! I can’t believe it look 1.5 hours though, your hair isn’t really that long. Mine takes about 40 mins and all I ever ask my hairdresser to do is style and trim it a bit.

    That gelato is definitely interesting, I’ve never heard of adding kimchi to gelato before. The only things that get added to mine whenever I buy it is a corner of a waffle cone.

    • I think it took a long time since my hair is really thick xD but the hairdresser was always checking that both sides were evenly cut so that could also be a factor.

  6. I go to IKEA all the time (most of my office/craft room is from IKEA) but I never had the food until recently. It was ok I did like the meat balls!!

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