Cafe of the week has been Starbucks! My friends and I been here twice this week already lol.Β Tom n Toms has slowly become more noisy and full of students taking up the tables studying so we need to find somewhere to chill out at.

I always love eating blueberry bagels with cream cheese puuu

As a part of the Cool Yule Winter festival, Darling Quarter has a frozen forest diorama. It’s pretty at night with flower lights and the area is made to look like it has been snowing. It doesn’t snow in Sydney so I think it’s kinda cool how they’ve made snow related events around the city.

I also got another strap, this time of Syo Kurosu from the otome series Uta no Price-sama. This year of the mobile straps! Despite only having one iPhone case that has a holder for them, I keep buying them lol.. But they’re too cute to resist.

Chanoma is another cafe I like to hang out because of all their matcha menu items. I’m especially fond of their matcha soft serve and matcha float drink.

I tried this apple and cream cheese bread from Fujipan. I like how they made it look like an apple! Super cute and tasty :teehee


  1. Yay, blueberry is my favorite type of bagel :D A frozen forest diorama sounds cool! It doesn’t really snow here either, and it’d be nice to have something like that to see here.

    I like buying cell phone charms even though I don’t have a case that can hold them, haha. I just like having them I guess. The apple and cream cheese bread looks tasty!

  2. Oh my gosh, your pictures of food is KILLING me. I want to be enjoying that apple bread right about now! Lunch is long overdue on my end!

  3. Hey, i’m just here to say: I LOVE YOUR BLOG!
    I’m brazillian, and i think you are soooo cute! (>*-*)>
    thanks to make me happy looking to your stuff. <3

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