On the 29th Nov I attended a joint Christmas Party between the Anime societies of different Sydney universities. This is my 3rd time attending and I can say it’s definitely been the most enjoyable one I’ve been to so far! :bunny Maybe it’s because I’ve gotten involved in the cosplay crowd this year but I had a lot of fun catching up and meeting with my friends from different universities and hobbies. I find that parties more focused on socializing rather than activities are more fun! I prefer chatting with friends though trivia parties are fun as well (if you know about the topics :teehee ).

All the instax snaps! Do you recognise what series people are cosplaying from?

I chose to cosplay as Aiichiro Nitori from Free! because, besides being one of my favourite characters, I knew some of my other friends were cosplaying from the series :raburabu It’s one of my favourite series of this year and I was genuinely surprised by the plot as I thought it was going to be a light hearted, silly sort of anime but it actually had some substance lol. I actually wanted to wear a sailor seifuku and dress like a generic school girl but it didn’t come in time grrrr

Can you spot me? Haha

They had activities such as the art wall, trivia and the game section for Pokemon X/Y going on. There was also a Kris Kringle exchange and a live band playing! I wanted to socialise more this year so I was lazy and didn’t really participate in the activities :huuu

Lottepon drawing!

The night mainly just consisted of having a great (and silly time) with friends :shinyred I really just love hanging out with my friends and having a good time. I’ve glad to have met a lot of new people this year :chuuu

AnimeSydney Christmas Party
Photo by Chris

After the event ended we had a random photoshoot in the carpark of DannyΒ and then hung out in a cafe til midnight. Hopefully we can top it next year because my society is going to be hosting it! Not sure if I mentioned it but I’m vice president for 2014 puuu

AnimeSydney Christmas Party
Using phones to shine light.
Photo by mcluzar.

Do you hang out at any societies and/or attend their events? What are they like?


  1. It looked like such a great party and it’s a great idea to the Anime university community together! I don’t follow anime so I have no clue who anyone is cosplaying as but all the outfits are amazing.

    The little gif you made is hilarious, I wasn’t able to spot you though. I keep getting distracted by the guy in front….XD

  2. Woah this looks like so much fun!! *_* I wish there was a cosplay/anime party like that in our universities ;O;

    Lots of Love

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