I finally bought myself an instax camera a few days ago! I’ve been wanting to get one for ages but it wasn’t on the top of my list to buy, so when I saw the design for the mini 90 I knew I had to get it. I currently really like the vintage look which mirrorless cameras such as the Fujifilm X-Pro1 has.

The Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 “Neo Classic” is the latest release in the instax range which has more features such as:

  • being able to control the lightness (D, N, L, L+)
  • flash (you can choose no flash, flash or no red eye)
  • party mode so you capture the background as well as the subject in low lighting
  • kids mode for fast moving objects
  • landscape mode
  • macro mode
  • bulb exposure mode
  • double exposure mode
  • self timer
Image of the back.
Image source: Fujifilm Japan

I think another appealing feature is that the camera comes with a rechargeable battery! According to Fujifilm, it should last for about 10 film packs. The camera also comes with a shoulder strap to make it more convenient to carry around :bunny

The Aust RRP $219 while on Amazon Japan you can find it for selling ¥16,635. At first I was thinking of asking my friends to get it for me when they go to Japan, but I managed to get it for $199 and it’s always better to have Australian warranty lol. Also factoring in the exchange rate and shipping cost, I’m not paying that much more for it :eheh

Here are some images I’ve taken so far. It’s hard for me getting used to a fixed lens lol! :huuu I’ve never really had to estimate the distance between myself and the subject so I have a feeling I’m going to waste more film before I get it right. Makes you realise how easy it is to keep retaking photos with digital cameras.

Mode: Landscape
Mode: Normal
Flash: On
As you can see, it’s focusing on the chips. I was a bit too close to the subject “ORZ
LEFT; (taken by a friend)
Mode: Normal
Bright control: L
Mode: Normal
Flash: On
Trying to figure out the distance I have to hold it to take a selca LOL

If you’re interested to see more shots, I’ll be scanning them to my flickr puuu

I really look forward to taking more shots! I think part of the excitement with instant film is seeing if what comes out is what you envisioned lol :raburabu


    • I’ve tried it once but I’m waiting til I like go to a public garden or somewhere with nice sceneary/repetitive backdrop to test some shots XD

  1. I just love the camera! I think it also looks adorable XD I wish I could have one too, just for playing around and shooting pictures with it. 🙂

    • It’s very fun, though a bit expensive, to play around with haha. I wish the film was cheaper! It’s so easier to go through a pack.

  2. RoyallyBlah Reply

    Ahh I just bought an Instax Mini 8! Not as fancy but still fun. Definitely have to get used to being the right distance from the subject haha, I’ve been spoilt with auto focus! Mine came with a click-on macro lens so that’s handy :3

    • I was thinking of getting the mini 8 but then this version came out hehe.

      I think the macro lens also has the selfie mirror right? My friend said the reflective button was good enough for him to estimate if people are in the frame but for me I find I have to position it more oneway lol. Also it’s awkward to grip with one hand.

      • RoyallyBlah Reply

        The macro lens that came with the camera didn’t come with a selfie mirror but I know you can get them. So far I’ve had no problem taking selfies with it though, just gotta figure out the grip P:

  3. キラキラのカメラ!ww

    I wanted to buy an instax too last time but i end up buying a small, palm sized mirrorless pentax Q10 just because my dslr is bulky that sometimes, i feel like it’s such a hassle to carry the baby around 🙁 part of me feels sad i didn’t pick the instax but oh well… i’ve got a film camera already so i wasn’t allowed to get an instax 🙁 more films = more money burnt so yeah lol

    fujifilm x-pro is a good mirrorless camera 🙂 hm, then again i prefer experimenting with brands people often shove as “non-famous hence it’s unimportant” like pentax or fujifilm or olympus..

    Hm.. I suppose this is your first film-based camera, is it? I remember my first experience with manual cams… i wasted films too but it makes good practice, hence people said it’s best to start from the very basic (manual) …but maybe that’s just my personal opinion. digital makes everything easier nowadays since you can delete, etc.

    nonetheless, it’s fun. film camera is fun :3 the various effects tend to make the pictures more…appealing 🙂 i’m not sure if instax fixed lens work the same way like usual fixed lens for changeable cameras but if it is, then well.. fixed lens is fun to work with 🙂

    i like your landscape shot btw ^^v keep taking pictures!

    fufufu~ i will stalk– i mean, add your flickr account now /o/

    • Oh wow, the pentax Q10 is very small! I like the design. I totally agree that dslr feels so bulky lol, which is why I want to switch to using a mirrorless camera. Oh yes.. film cameras are money magnets lol ;A;

      Two of my friends own Fuijfilm cameras which is why I’ve gotten more tempted to get one. At first I was going to save up for an Olympus but then I saw the type of photos the Fujifilm takes. The colour tones are super nice! Especially love the way they turn out for portraits. You hardly need to edit them which is a big plus.

      I used a film camera ages ago back in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s but I was just a kid then so I had no idea about cameras. I think I just snapped at anything haha. For me I mainly want to use the instax to take daily shots and to take photos with friends at parties/outings, so I’m not going to delve to much into film photography, but just want to learn the basics/know which settings are best for certain situations.

      Thanks for following me on flickr! I’ll follow you back :3

  4. Wow, these Instaxes are getting so pro now, all those settings *___* Looks super cool though!

  5. Oh! What a cute camera. I’ve wanted a fuji instax cam for years now, but still haven’t bought myself one 😛 I really love the design for this one, now I’m glad I waited so long 😀 I like your pictures and your blog 🙂

  6. Do you know where I could buy one of these in Australia now? I can’t find anywhere that stocks them.

    • Hello! Sorry for the late reply.

      Which part of Australia are you from? I got mine for Georges. It’s actually better if you can visit instore so you can bargain? (Unless I got a cheaper price coz my friends know the people working there haha^^’ ).

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