This year I had the chance to go to the Auburn Botanical Gardens again with friends! I went last year but it was really packed, so this time we got to the gardens at around 9am lol. I wasn’t really happy with the photos I took this year (since we only spent like an hour in there) but here they are! Sadly there’s more plum blossoms than cherry blossoms donn They were still very pretty to look at regardless puuu

After the gardens we went to karaoke with my uni’s Japanese society for 5 hours and had dinner and froyo. At the moment we like to get a huge one and share among ourselves lol. Currently my fav topping is M&Ms! :raburabu



  1. Woaaah, the plum blossoms are so pretty! I should go to Japan during the cherry blossom season HANAMI – it seems to be very very beautiful.

    I already saw this huge frozen yogurt on Instagram. It looks crazy yummy *___*

  2. Those are gorgeous photos, vermi! how can you not like them? LOL :P beautiful shallow depth of field (i’m a sucker for smooth bokeh). my favorite shot is probably the 3rd one. they all look like photographs you usually find on tumblr haha really nice :)
    how nice of you to have such japanese garden in your country ;w; so envious~ i bet real spring in japan with real blossoming sakura trees will be extremely gorgeous ey ;w;
    what’s the green froyo?? melon?? owo

    • Awww thank you Alice xD I just feel like the photos I took last year were better :B

      The green froyo is green tea :D

  3. I love cherry blossoms! Although I think I’m gonna miss the cherry blossom season where I live because I’ll be out of country during February. T-T What kind of lens did you use by the way?

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