Hello everyone~ Finally I’m posting another review! wakuwaku I can’t remember the last time I blogged about one haha.

Last month I bought the Dolly Wink no.17 lashes from Honey Color and since I spent over $100 in the order, I got free DHL shipping. I’ll be posting up the review on the lenses later.

I really love Dolly Wink products since they have cute packaging and reliable quality. I was looking for more styles of upper eyelashes to buy so I decided to get no.17. I have her no.2 Sweet Dolly one as well, but I found that they were too dramatic on my small eyes :sobb2

I chose to get this pair as I like how the length of these lashes are shorter and how there were spikes in the middle for a “pop” effect. Coz of my eye shape, I find that the type of lashes which feather or crisscross just make my eyes look longer haha. So I figured the mixture of the straight spikes and crisscross would help with the more natural big eye effect I wanted  puuu

As you can see, the lashes and the design look very stiff. I don’t think I have to worry about the design coming loose! The band unlike her other lashes is black, but I always use dark brown or black eyeliner, so the other of the band isn’t too important to me. They’re also easy to put on and comfortable to wear :chuuu

This is what the packaging looks like. You get 2 pairs of lashes and a mini tube of eyelash glue. I still miss the old packaging of her previous line :sobbb

And this is a pic of me wearing them. I just love how much more natural they look compared to her previous line :raburabu I think from a far you can’t really see the design but I like it that way since I want a subtle but nice design set of lashes to wear when I wear circle lenses.

So to sum up – these are currently my fav lashes to wear. Super comfy, awesome design but the downside is probably just the price. They always seems to mark up the prices online fuuu I would definitely recommend these lashes if you’re looking for a more natural look, but still want a “pop” effect with your eyes.


  1. Ooo…these looks great on you! I haven’t tried Dolly Wink lashes in a while, I’ll definitely give these a go! Yeah…the older version wasn’t really that wearable, even for cosplay I thought it was a bit much. @@;

    I believe Sasa has the best price for Dolly Wink stuff…and basically everything else. xD;

    • I totally agree about Sasa having the best price for Dolly Wink items! Totally love how they don’t make up the price like crazy.

  2. Aww, the lashes are sooo cute! You look very cute <3 Doesn't it feel heavy once it's glued already?

  3. Love how they now have a thicker band~! It will def make applying fake eyelashes easier. Their previous ones weren’t horribly difficult to apply, but not the easiest I would say. #17 looks really cool and edgy, maybe i will try these :p keep in touch <#

    Joyce @ carouselstreet.com

  4. no. 17 looks great on you! If I had the extra cash, I would have to try it next time 😀 It seems like there’s always the very dramatic kinds that looks so odd on people, but this one is perfect. Thank you for the review~

  5. I bought this too 🙂 glad you liked them, I personally prefer their other lashes since the lash bone of this one is not as flexible/comfy.

  6. I literally giggled like an idiot when I saw the title, haha. I’m such a dollywink / tsubasa biased so anything dollywink kind of makes me happy.
    I just recently purchased dollywink’s no.17 too but haven’t used it since i thought i’d use other brands first (pfft i care so much about my dollywink like it’s my baby what the-)… the first dollywink i tried was no.10 and then no.15; they were nice with long ends, not natural but yeah, definitely droopy gyaru.
    Anyway, no.17 looks good on you 🙂 personally, i like lashes that may be too extreme to some, like the ones kyary produced haha so i always pick dollywink’s unnatural ones 😛
    Indeed, the black band is a plus since the others tend to have “almost invisible” bands haha and sometimes, it’s kind of difficult to apply the glue or maybe it’s just me.. :s
    Putting aside the whole biased thought, i still think dollywink is one of the most comfortable lashes out there to buy even though it gets too pricey 🙁
    what are other lashes do you usually use?

    • I used to be a crazy Dolly Wink fan and bought a lot of her products lol!

      I really like Kyary’s eyemazing lashes but I’m worried that they may look too dramatic on me since I have small eyes lol.

      I also wear Koji Spring Heart lashes or this pair by Creer Beaute. I can’t seem to find a link to them since it seems like they’ve updated their range.

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