Did you guys know that Instagram now has a video function? You can film clips up to 16 seconds and add filters to them! wakuwaku

Ever since they released the update I’ve been having fun making short clips and I thought I’ld share some and quickly blog about what I’ve been up to lol! I’m so sorry I haven’t been writing up proper blog posts in a long time :ohnoes

On the 22nd and 23rd of June I went to the convention Supanova! Unfortunately I don’t have any photos because the place was PACKED full of people. It was soooo hectic nyoo I was there from around 10:30am and I could hardly walk around the place. So I kinda gave up on taking photos and just concentrated on meeting my friends.

Though most of the 2 days was spent trying to get through the crowds, I bought 2 hair accessories fromย One Day in Paradise! puuu I’m not into wearing lolita (though I like to look at the outfits!) but I like interesting accessories. I’ve seen the stars hairclip a lot in photos so I’m finally glad to own it.


Last weekend I went to ride on the monorail with my friends for the last time. The government is getting rid of it because they want to redevelop Darling Harbour. It’s been ages since I’ve ridden on it – personally I think it’s something that tourists use to get a higher view of the city lol.

It cost $5 for the ride and they gave us tokens to put into the turnstile machine. It’s a pity we couldn’t keep them fuuu

Here’s a clip of the monorail arriving at the station! Since we went on the 2nd last day, there were lots of people on riding on it. 12 of us managed to cramp into one carriage along with some other random people lol :huuu


Ever since Animal Crossing: New Leaf got released in Australia, I’ve had heaps of fun playing it with my friends! I’ve managed to convince a few of my friends to get it hehe :bunny This is definitely my favourite Animal Crossing game to date, I absolutely love how customisable it is now and how fun multiplayer is.

Did you know that now there’s a nighclub in the game? You can go and rave at night which I find hilarious lol. Press the arrows on the d-pad and you can bust out some moves!

Recently I’ve managed to get a pico pico hammer and I’ve been having fun trolling around with it. I think it’s super cute because your character makes a face when they hit something with it.

I’ve currently made it my mission to whack and screenshot everyone that comes to my town :shinyred


Earlier in the month I went to Finders Keepers. It’s a market I usually attend every year, and I’ve blogged about it before so I’m not going to talk much about it lol. This time they moved to a much bigger venue and there were a lot more stalls! I think it’s always nice to visit art/design markets and see all the items people have made :chuuu

I got this super cute Yeti wooden brooch for $20 from Herbert and Friends. I love adding wooden brooches to my collection even though I’m scared to wear them lol :blood

I also had an organic lunch from the Agape Organic Food Truck. I love spelt bread :glee2 It was my first time drinking organic cola and I love it now! From memory I think it tastes a bit sweeter and less bubbly than Coca Cola? It was expensive at $4 a bottle but I think it was worth it.


And that concludes my quick sum up! If you want to see quicker updates from me, please follow my instagram! Unfortunately I’ve gotten lazy at blogging but I hope to fix that soon :=_=U


  1. Ahh…I wish I can attend Australian cons so I can take pictures of you! You look so cute as Len! *dying* My photo count have decreased after attending cons over the years…I need to be more aggressive again.

    I really want to get a 3DS these days, for Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem. Kind of debating on getting that or an iPad (must save more money! Dx). By the way, did you get the Japanese version Animal Crossing or does the English version gives you the option of playing in Japanese?

    I recently tried setting my phone’s language to Japanese; I didn’t expect some of my apps get switched to Japanese as well. It was kind of interesting playing I Love Coffee (which I’m currently addicted to) in Japanese, the characters have different names/labels from the English version.

    • Awww thanks xD Yeh, I tend to find nowadays I’m not as excited as I was before and being snap happy.

      I play Animal Crossing in Japanese as I bought the AC Japanese limited console. A downside is that I don’t understand a few of the puns lol but otherwise I get most of what’s going on. I also have an English (AU) console haha for more text based games #poor

      Ahhh I play “I Love Coffee” too! Some of my friends switch their phones to Japanese to get used to the vocab more but I prefer it in English lol.

      • Ooo really? Is it okay if I add you on Line? I can message you my ID via Line Play chat. *w*

        I thought the limited console is available in other languages/countries as well. I guess it probably came out in Japan first.

        I recently tried out the the Japanese Tinier Me (or they just call it atgames? or someone told me they call it Selfy), it was incredibly confusing for me. I really need to take college level Japanese, especially I’ve forgotten 50% of my high school level. = =;

        • Sure, it’s fine :) My Line ID is fluffyalpaca.

          Oh yes, the console also got released for PAL and US when the game came out last month xD

          Ahhh I see. I’ve tried the app they have called Decollage? Fun to make the scenarios but getting nice outfits/items is hard without using actual money lol.

  2. Everyone seems to be spazzing over the new instavideo thing haha when I first heard it, I was like “whattt” because instagram’s originally an image sharing thing and then now they add a video feature… I just found it quite.. odd xP not that i care though haha

    Love your cosplay! the hairpin is really cute *o* i’m a sucker for such stuff people often called “weird” because they think it’s “kid’s stuff” …you know dolly hair pins or cartoon backpacks,etc
    oh by the way, you’re not wearing a wig, were you? your real hair’s a blond now, right? hm..

    I miss playing animal crossing haha I used to play it like everyday back before my DS…split into….two =w=;; ehe, hehe
    I really want a 3DS though for the sake of prof.layton vs phoenix wright and new pokemon games even though they’re getting weirder and weirder -___-;; animal crossing looks so fun too ;w; but I guess I have to choose between ps vita and 3DS.. I had picked a psp3000 over 3DS because the DS still requires official,original games..is it not? which is gonna be super expensive =w=

    Your post reminds me of how I used to laugh at animal crossing characters because their face/expressions are just so..bland and OAO lol..that doesn’t make any sense :P

    I’ve been really curious.. judging from your instagram, you’re a dessert lover too? *o* and you love to eat like, ice cream etc howdoyoustayskinny aaaaa *A* lol

    • Ahhh I see ^^ I’m a person who like to take photos of everything and anything, so I find the feature fun to play with!

      Yes, I don’t think 3DS roms are playable on the console yet. It is expensive buying games but I’ve always enjoyed playing Nintendo games so I’m willing to pay xD I’ve tried getting into playing games on the PSP but it wasn’t for me lol.

      You can now have expressions on your character in AC! I think there’s 40 from memory, you just have to unlock one per day. Super cute, reminds me of like playing on Ragnarok Online or Maple Story :3

      Yes, I love desserts and eating out in general lol. I think I’m just lucky in having a fast metabolism lol.

  3. Oh I JUST got animal crossing new leaf – I never played AC before but its sooo cute and fun~~!! Can I have your friend code?

    Mine: 2020-1000-1087

  4. RoyallyBlah Reply

    Ah I recently went to PerthNova :) So much fun but I hate how I’m always too shy to ask to take pictures of my favourite cosplayers so I only end up taking pictures of my friends >.< I ended up buying some socks from One Day In Paradise, they are soo nice and soft~ Being a lolita myself I should get good use out of them.
    All this hype about AC:NL lately has been making me want it so badly! I'm playing my DS version again and watching LPs on YouTube in the meantime, but I'm currently hoping for a prettier colour 3DS to come out here. I don't like the ones we have :( I'm so fussy lol.

    • Awww, I’m sure most cosplayers are fine (and also happy!) when you ask to take their photo xD I think a fun part of cosplaying is being recognised from what series/game/etc you’re from :3

      I saw in Japan they have a really nice mint colour which I hope will get released overseas soon. Otherwise I tend to go for white consoles so I can get a clear cover and then decorate it.

  5. You look so adorable in your cosplay XD I just love it! You should make a special page with all your cosplay pictures :)

    I don’t have a DS or 3DS, but it does looks like fun to have one ~A~; Though I get motion sickness fast

    • Aww thank you~ I only cosplay at conventions and don’t take proper photos so I don’t think I need a cosplay page! haha.

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