Since Honto had a point event where you could get 1000 points if you spent 6000yen, I made a big order earlier this month haha.. :sweat  Since their shipping rates went up, I think nowadays it’s only worth it if I can do a big order and accumulate points. Also used it as an opportunity to read some new comics!

From left to right, top and bottom:

  • Koi to Gunkan vol 2 and 3
  • Kera Boku vol 3
  • ChokiChoki June 2013
  • Animal Crossing: New Leaf – Life with Design
  • ChocoMimi vol 7
  • Seibetsu Nante Kimerarenai!
  • Ano Koro, Ore wa Joshi Kousei
  • Seibetsu ga Nai!
  • Nyanpire vol 3

In this post I’m just going to give a brief description of everything otherwise it’ll would turn into multiple essays lol :huuu


Koi to Gunkan (by NISHI Keiko) is a series which I recently discovered and I found it absolutely hilarious :XD To cut it short, it’s basically about a high schooler who has a crush on the town’s mayor but he lives with this scary foreigner – what’s their relationship? *coughcough* I like the way they contrast the way she sees things compared to her friend (who finds the relationship between the mayor and foreigner suspicious), it just cracks me up :teehee

A group has translated the first 5 chapters online if you’re interested to read it. It’s published in a magazine aimed at middle schoolers so I’m pretty sure it’s all PG rated (haven’t had time to read vol 2 yet haha).


Kera Boku 3 is a danso (females who dress manly/gender neutral) mook, which I guess you could say is like a side magazine of KERA? I usually buy it because my favourite models such as Midori and Yura are in it :wheeeeee They usually have articles on makeup, hairstyling and clothing.

Comparing it to the last volume (which had a lot of cosplay), I think this focuses more on a grunge/rock look, which isn’t really my cup of tea. They also have a section on Fudanjuku, which is a danso idol group. I like their songs, they’re pretty catchy. One of my favourite songs by them is Kaze Ikki wakuwaku


ChokiChoki is a men’s fashion magazine which features a casual/street style. They have sections on hairstyling, fashion, street snaps, themed shoots etc. I really like the way they style their models and put together the outfits. I usually get this every month (along with Used Mix or Popteen) to have a browse at what’s in and oogle at my favourite model Ryo :blood I think he’s super cute and I love his style.

Ryo Kitamura

I guess the interesting thing they have in this issue is about jeans (as you can see from the cover lol), and they talk about the different fitting, denim etc involved with certain looks and fits.


Famitsu has published another guide for this game called Animal Crossing: New Leaf – Life with Design, focusing on the customisation of your town and house! It’s a beautiful book with a nice simplistic design and lots of images. I lack the creativity to design and arrange items so I bought this guide for inspiration puuu

Content wise, it shows how you can decorate with community projects and patterns of pathways etc, ideas and themes of how to decorate rooms, remake items and a catalog of the furniture, music from KK. Slider and community projects.

If you wish to read more, please visit my gaming tumblr.


ChocoMimi is a manga I’ve been following since I was 13/14 when started to read manga, so I feel obligated to keep buying it lol :chuuu It’s a super cute and funny series about two girls, Choco and Mimi who are in grade 8 (I think from memory) and tells the story of their daily life and fashion! It’s mainly done as 4-koma (4 panels), though some chapters are done out of this format. They even made a tv drama of it back in 2007.

Even now I still enjoy reading it because of the cut artwork and gags. My favourite character is the pink haired boy Mumu :hearteye2

It’s currently still continuing in Ribon, though the mangaka took a break a few years ago.


Seibetsu Nante Kimerarenai!, Ano Koro, Ore wa Joshi Kousei, Seibetsu ga Nai! are comics which deal with the issue of gender, intersex and trans* issues. I find the issue of gender and social construct very interesting, so a friend recommended that I read them :eheh

I haven’t read all 3 thoroughly yet, but if any one is interested I can make a post about them – just shoot me a comment.

Seibetsu Nante Kimerarenai!

And finally onto the last one!  A small kitten got turned into a vampire after he was abandoned and thus Nyanpire was reborn! The anime and manga show us his daily life and how he meets with the other characters of the series :glee2

My personal favourite is Masamunya since he was modeled after the warlord Masamune :deer

It’s full of gags and despite the cuteness, some of the gags are definitely not for kids lol.

Nyatenshi trolling Masamunya as usual

If you’re looking for something to amuse you, i’ll recommend that you watch or read this :shinyred I guarantee that you’ll end up in stitches.

And that concludes my post! For those interested, I usually buy all my books and magazines from Honto.


  1. The story of the first one looks super funny! And Oh lord all these smexy models, I feel so confused and at the same time really atracted to them orz ~

  2. lovely purchases!!! oooo Kera boku!!!! I like Kera magazine, my favorite model is Akira, she’s gorgeous and oh so very versatile :D i haven’t checked ott the latest issue of boku

  3. Chocomimi looks fantastic! And also, I wish I could read Seibetsu Nante Kimerarenai…I always wondered what the views were in Japan on such things beyond yaoi and so on. I think it’s really cool that there’s a comic about it…

  4. Your manga and magazine haul looks amazing! I wish I could read Japanese, I’ve been thinking of learning every since I came back from Japan but was never sure of what was the best method.

    Do you have any recommendations?

  5. Hi i was wondering is it ok if you post more about Seibetsu Nante Kimerarenai!, Ano Koro, Ore wa Joshi Kousei, Seibetsu ga Nai! please?:) im interested in it.

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