Have you heard of Daiso before? It’s a Japanese chain of “100-yen” stores, which sells everyday items, stationery, kitchenware etc at very cheap and affordable prices wakuwaku They’ve been in Sydney for a few months now (though they charge $2.80 lol) and 2 are located in the CBD so I can easily visit them! :whoosh

I love browsing dollar/discount type stores since it’s always interesting to see what they have but they’re impulse buying traps! The Japanese import ones always have especially cute items :gloom

A few weeks ago I went and found this super cute mug puuu

It may be childish but I’m always a sucker for cute items such as this :chuuu I always love things with cute faces/expressions on them! I think the cute illustrations brighten up my day since it’s Autumn here at the moment. Nice to sip tea out and relax puuu


  1. Heck yes, I LOVE Daiso lol! I first found out about it like maybe a year or two ago (it had just opened in a city nearby). It’s all $1.50 here except for other stuff marked at higher prices. I usually come out with a bag of maybe $10-20 worth of stuff, lol. I absolutely love finding things that are super useful or just super cute (and possibly useless) :P

    • oooh $1.50? Lucky lol!

      Yeh everytime I go I have to remind myself whether I really need the items or not lol.

  2. I love going to Daiso! Most of the shops are located far from my home but a few months ago a new mall opened that is only 30 mins away from my home and they have a big Daiso there. They costed RM5 here and I’ve bought a lot of useful stuffs from there. XD I usually fell for their cute stuffs too. OTZ

  3. I love going to Daiso when I go back to Taiwan! They have some great knick-knacks, but my favorites are their organization products. Apparently some of their makeup/skincare products are pretty good too, but I’ve never tried them. I wish there was Daiso on the US east coast though :(

  4. OH MY GOSH, I love Daiso hahah. We have one in Vancouver, and I could literally spend days there <3

  5. This will be the forth “I love Daiso!” comment. xD;

    My local Japanese supermarket has a Daiso section, but it’s not quite the same as going to the actual store. The prices are the same though!

    • Ahhh really? How interesting. There’s also a Chinese grocery store which has a Daiso section in it too. It’s like 4 blocks or so along the same street as the main city store.. maybe they thought people would be lazy so they decided on 2 locations lol.

  6. So far, in here, I’ve only seen 1 mall that has Daiso and man, I like what they offer in the store! Not to mention, the way they’re designed..it’s giving me the Japanese konbini atmosphere haha does that even make any sense :P
    They have a lot of cute products too …wow, Japan. I like cute mugs too so you’re not alone! Haha xD I’m a sucker for Japan’s adorable stuff :( but they tend to sell em with crazy price..or maybe it’s just here ^^;;

    • Japanese imported stuff tends to be expensive here so I usually order from online if I can, depending on what I’m after.

  7. i never heard of that store!!! but wow, what an awesome deal. and 2.80 isnt bad either!!!
    cute cup! hehe yes it’s childish but there’s nothing wrong with that :D

  8. We actually have Daiso in Brazil too! But only in the big cities like SĂŁo Paulo! Next time I’m travelling there I will certainly check it out, they have so many cute stuff! :3
    I loved your mug! It’s adorable!
    Kisses ~

  9. I also love those kind of stores who sell cute stuff that aren’t expensive! I never heard of Daiso before, but I just love your mug! It’s adorable! :)

  10. I love Daiso! The ones in Japan are amazing, they have a lot of cute items for 100 yen. Sadly, there aren’t any here T_T

    That mug is super adorable and I’m a sucker for cute things myself even though I feel like I’m “too old” for it.

  11. :D I love your blog and I can’t stop reading. I LOVE Daiso! When I visited Japan when I was sixteen we would go there alllllll the time to pick up random stuff and buy dumb gifts/trinkets for family + friends back home. So jealous of this cup, it’s TOO ADORABLE. :D

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