A few days ago my uni’s Japanese society held an okonomiyaki event wakuwaku For those who don’t know, it’s basically a savoury pancake with cabbage and other ingredients (it depends what you want to put in it) and then you’ll usually add on the okonomiyaki sauce on top, as well as mayonnaise, seaweed and bonito flakes puuu

Cooking at uni – it’s so useful having BBQs on campus!
Spreading the sauce
My friend decorated with the mayonnaise hehe
Ta-da! The finished dish

Have you tried okonomiyaki before? I highly suggest you do if you have the chance – it’s very delicious and filling :bunny

I had lots of fun eating what my friends had made and mingling around. I always enjoy attend food at events at uni since 1. free food! and/or 2. it’s usually cultural so you can experience different things :teehee #lifeofastudent


  1. Japanese Festival is today in my city and they do this! I don’t think I am feeling up or well enough to go but it does look amazingly good!!!! :9!

  2. Woaah ~ It looks so good! I never tried it since we don’t have a lot of japanese restaurants over here (at least in my city), and the ones we have mostly offer sushi, noodles and gyoza… But maybe I try make it myself some time!
    kisses :3

    • Oh I see. I think if you have the time, you should try it out since it’s pretty easy to make! puuu

  3. that looks so tasty! *stomach growls as i sit here at work*
    i never tried it before…it is on my to try list now! ==+

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