A few days ago I gave my cork board a much needed update. It’s been months since I last cleaned it since I was too lazy 😐 I’d been putting it off since I got a new wall calendar which I write all my important dates on, so I didn’t really need to pin study related notes onto it. But recently I’ve been taking photos with my dslr again, so I thought I’ld print them out and stick them up wakuwaku

So this is what it looks like now!  :happy I think it looks a big empty but I can always print more photos later.

  1. Front design I created for my club’s membership card
  2. Artwork by my favourite artist Dric
  3. Artwork of my favourite warlord Masamune Date
  4. Various tags from Arpakasso alpaca plushies and other things
  5. Trading cards from the series Uta no Prince-sama
  6. Gachapon items and a cherry fragrance sachet
  7. Cardboard pouch I got from a manga magazine when I was 14/15
  8. Group shots of my friends and I
  9. Mini pamphlet of one of my favourite games, Last Window
  10. Snapshots of my dolls, figurines and one of a street in Thailand
  11. Cute paper cat

As you can see, it’s pretty much hobby related lol. I’ve got a lot of photos with my friends on facebook so I only felt I should print out just a few  :eheh

Here’s a close up of the photos which I’ve printed out puuu I like printing my photos out at Office Works, since 99% of the time they print out exactly the way I’ve edited them. I’ve only had a few occasions when the tone may be slightly off, but otherwise I’ve always had the results I’ve wanted. Once I printed them elsewhere and the results where awful – the colours were off and they came out too bright ugh :buuu

As you can see on my cork board, I cut some photos smaller so they don’t look too cover too much space. I was trying to make them look like a polaroid but some of my measurements where off haha :ohnoes One day I’ll get them all even lol.


  1. RoyallyBlah Reply

    Ahhh looks good! This makes me think I need a corkboard. I’m running out of spaces for photo frames in my room and I like to keep random silly things like pretty clothing tags >.<

    • I like keeping clothing tags too! I love it when some companies get creative and make unusual ones lol. I think keeping a corkboard is super handy in keeping track of memories.

  2. Waah ~ It looks so cute and organized. My cork board is a total mess >_<" HAHA
    Kisses ~

  3. …aww I love cork boards~ Yours looks so pretty and organised!! mine is all full.. 😛 the photos of your dolls look so vivid and beautiful! ♪

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