Happy Valentine’s Day! :chuuu Or Single Awareness Day if you’re looking for that special someone lol.

Are you doing anything if you celebrate it? I’ll be celebrating this event by having dinner with my friends puuu

Did you make chocolates for anyone?

Over the past few days I’ve been making chocolates for my friends. It was my first time to make chocolates so I was pretty excited! I decided to make them all milk chocolate, though they still turned out pretty sweet donn Next time I’ll try making dark chocolate lol.

Snapshot of the First Batch!

I got the silicon moulds and mini bags from Daiso. I’m so glad we have them in Australia :bunny They stock a lot of useful products which I can’t usually find.

I really like the moulds which I got since it’s really easy to pop out the chocolates. It’s a pity that they didn’t stock any more though! Guess I was lucky to get them while they had them in stock. I really like the bags as well since they’re a bit stiff, so it’s easy to pinch and twist them to attach the heart/ties :raburabu

Hope you all have a lovely day :whoosh


  1. Happy Valentine’s day to you too~
    You cholotaes look cute and funny! I had lots of chocolate today too… baked together with my Valentine ☆

    • Awww thanks, I hope you had a lovely day too! And don’t worry about your mistakes XD

  2. Happy valentines day! I don’t celebrate it, but I was hanging around with friends that day :)

    I never made chocolates myself, yours looks so adorable ! Why not write food tutorials for us? XD

    • Lol, I usually only cook simple things so I don’t think it’ll be interesting to blog about XD I hope you have a good day with your friends :3

  3. Yay! It’s good to see you back ~
    I actually didn’t made (or received T^T) any chocolates for Valentines day, or Single Awareness Day in my case ~forever alone~
    But we really don’t have this tradition here in Brazil, V Day here is mostly about couples, flowers and going out to have dinner -.-
    But I may try to make some chocolate for my friends someday!

  4. Those look amazing!! I am bad with sweets so I dipped things into chocolate! But I made treats for my sisters, dude and coworkers!!!

  5. Very cute chocolates… I work that night so I had to skeep all day. BF on the other hand was working too so we really didn’t spend that much time at all..

  6. RoyallyBlah Reply

    Ah they look really cool, I bet your friends loved them! ^^
    So jealous of your Daiso, I live all the way over in Perth. If it was here I’d be there all the time!

    • I hope that Daiso will open in Perth one day! They have lots of great items in their store.

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