A few days ago I received my limited edition Japanese 3DS! 😭✨ I was really excited since Animal Crossing was the main reason why I got a 3DS. I’ve been waiting since they announced the game at E3 in 2010!

きたー (((°ω°((°ω°))°ω°)))

The main reason why I decided to get it in Japanese is because I’ve always wanted to get a Japanese 3DS since the console is region locked ,so some games such as Taiko no Tatsujin will never get localised overseas. Plus I like how it comes with the game preinstalled so I decided to give in and buy it 💸 At first I was worried that my Japanese wasn’t good enough to play it since it’s pretty text heavy, but so far I can understand most of the text 😤

Back of the box

One of the major differences in this version compared to the older games is that you’re the Mayor! The old mayor has retired onto an island (which you can access later) so now it’s up to you how you want to design your village and how it’s run. You can choose to build community projects such as adding in a camp site, bus shelter, lamp posts and build things like a cafe or police station.

Doesn’t my character look cute?

There were 2 main reasons why I was so excited to play this game:

  1. There’s more ways to customise the way you dress! 😍 You can now choose what your character wears in regards to tops, bottoms, dresses, socks, shoes, hats and facial accesories. They’ve also added in the cool feature of sharing clothing via QR Codes, so if you want to style your character differently you can just go and search up for people’s creations via the web.
  2. You can play with multiplayer games with friends on the island! The mini games are super fun and last for a few mins (max I’ve seen is 6 mins so far) and by completing games you can win medals and when you earn enough, you can buy things from the island store which looks like a souvenir shop lol.
 Another nifty feature which they’ve included is that you can now take screenshots in-game. Not really necessary but it’s really fun to share snaps of capture memories with what you’ve done!📸 Here are some random snaps of things I’ve done so far:
I caught a seahorse
Some fish I’ve donated to my aquarium.
Villagers celebrating the unveiling of the camp site

For those waiting for the English release, Animal Crossing: New Leaf it’s set to get released in the US and Europe in June!  The game is super addictive and really fun to play with friends. I highly recommend getting it if you’re a fan of the previous games ❤



  1. Oh I loooooooove that XL – so cute!! I have the normal teal 3DS, and everyone keeps talking about this Animal Crossing, makes me want to get it!!! I love the caps, everything looks so cute and fun ;o; I might pick it up when it comes out in America!!

    • I also have the teal DS because I love how shiny the top is lol. If you like simulation games, I’m sure you’ll enjoy playing this 🙂

  2. OH MY GOD! Only yesterday I was wondering if that was a new DS design or a skin but… It’s a console! So cute 8D

  3. I really love that 3DS!

    I still think Animal Crossing should allow you to choose which animal you want to be >_< but at least this one you have more things to do!

    Whenever I play Animal Crossing, I'm always fishing and donating them to the aquarium. I love walking into the aquarium and looking at all the fish I've donated 😀

  4. What, they region locked the 3DS?! ÓxÒ That’s annoying… Anyway, your 3DS edition is looking awesome!
    I’ve honestly never played Animal Crossing though, but if this version has more of a “SimCity”-feel to it rather than “The Sims”, I might have to take a closer look. XD

    • Yes, unfortunately it’s region locked 🙁

      I guess it has more of a SimCity feel since you can build the community projects, but I would say it’s still more based on character customisation.

  5. I never played animal Crossing but it looks like fun! You’re lucky that you’re able to read Japanese though XD

    • I’ve still got a long way to go in being fluent but I’m glad I can understand most things lol.

  6. OMGLOB! This looks so awesome *^* And the DS is soo cute!
    Sadly it’s region locked u-ú, but it still pretty awesome anyway :3
    Have a lot of fun with it ~

  7. awwww I shouldn’t start playing games now that my semester has started but this one looks just too adorable!! I fear I could get really addicted 0.0 the characters are super cute! Oh, and I nominated you for the ~”Liebster Blog Award”~ if you’re in the mood to answer some questions, join in! 🙂

  8. Ah, June is just too far away! I’m so excited for this game, it’s ridiculous. I really can’t wait to do stuff with the QR codes, as long as Americans make some awesome outfits (assuming you can’t use codes here from Japan).

    • It’s definitely worth the wait. Hopefully the QR codes will be shareable amongst all regions.

  9. Love your XL so pretty!! I’ve been wanting to try Animal crossing definitely gonna try it when it comes out! XD.

  10. Wow! Looks very nice 🙂

    I didn’t even know that you could order a Japanese version.. I have no clue why I always think that everything is in English. Everyone is not American!!! Duh, Carrie!

    Have fun!

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