I’m the type of person who hardly ever changes their wallpaper or phone cover. In fact, my phone’s lock screen and wallpaper images have been nearly the same ever since Apple released that iOS where you could customise your background :huuu But recently I bought a few things which I thought I’ld share with you all :raburabu

So these are what I’ve gotten! I got the 2 iPhone covers and dango earphone jack accessory when Strapya World had a 40% off sale, and the Kyary earphone jack accessory was given to me by a friend puuu


Does anyone know when or how this earphone jack accessory trend started? I just remember seeing a friend have a crown one and then I saw a lot of them being sold online. I think it’s a cute way of accessorising your phone, though personally I don’t really like it when things stick out, which is why I chose to get this dango one. I’m afraid of snapping it if it sticks out since I tend to break things very easily, so I thought a dangly one would be better :bunny

Isn’t this dango cute? I love to eat dango so I bought it :chuuu


I’m a pretty big fan of Kyary Pamyu Pamyu which is why I’m really happy that my friend gave me this accessory since it matches with one of the iPhone covers that I bought wakuwaku Last year she had a collaboration with mameshiba and created her own characters. I think her derpy one is the cutest which reminds me of all the weird faces she pulls lol.


And this is the close up of the cover! Even though the pattern is a bit too messy looking, I bought it because I love all the expressions you can see. The only downside of the cover is that it’s very hard to remove and that I’ve already found a crack on one of the corners :gloom

And finally, the last cover! I chose it because when you put it on your phone, the little person is holding an umbrella to the Apple logo lol, which I thought was really cute :teehee I also like it because I have a white phone, so it’ll show up nicely and the design is very simple yet and pleasant  Because I’m currently using the Kyary case as phone cover, I can’t post any photos of this rainy cover being used, so hopefully I’ll remember to take photos when I change my covers lol.

So do you buy phone covers or accessories for your phone? If so, which type do you like to buy?


  1. I love the accessories you got, they’re so cute! My favorite has to be the dango charm, looking at it just makes me smile 🙂
    I have 2 phone covers for my phone, both Hello Kitty, but the bow fell off on one of them so now I’m left with 1 🙁

  2. Awww, they’re all so adorable! *_* I really love them!

    I don’t have a cover for my phone yet, but I’m planning to order them soon D;

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  4. Cuuuute!
    Haha I can never get covers like that for my phone, they’re all for iPhones or Samsungs -.-
    Though I do get stick on ones. Have you ever been to Smiggle, where they have that touch screen thing where you choose your device (DS/phone/iPod/anything!) and then it does a perfect lazer cut-out so you can stick a certain pattern to it? It’s cool, plus I use the leftover bits to decorate other things~
    😮 strapya world had 40% off sale?! I should pay more attention next time, I’ve always wanted to make an order from them.
    I always have my dangly charms on my phone hanging out my pocket 🙂 very rarely do they get caught on things actually, I used to have an Entei but it ran away, so now I have a Raikou instead.
    Well that’s enough babble from me, lol sorry xD

  5. Waah! Everything is so cute *^* At times like this I wish I had an IPhone. I can’t find many cute things for my Galaxy Ace here :~

  6. I was never one to have phone accessories but I’ve been recently getting into them. It’s hard to resist cute things like this lol! I Really like the cellphone accessory you have on your phone =) Definitely reminds me of kyary’s music video! I love that song.

    Joyce @ carouselstreet.com

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