Recently I attended a birthday dinner where we celebrated 8 people’s birthdays – including my own! wakuwaku Semester 2 recently wrapped up and because my uni friends and I were busy with studying in November and some are going on holidays over the Summer, we decided to have a huge dinner party combining the birthdays of people in November and December.

We had about 30 people rsvp to the event so we spent a few hours eating dinner at a Japanese restaurant and the food was delicious puuu This place is known for being cheap and tasty which is a plus for students like us! I shared 4 dishes with 3 other friends and had things like grilled squid and okonomiyaki. I didn’t have time to take photos of everything we ate since we had to leave by a certain time (and we were hungry).

Entering the restaurant. Can you spot me? hehe
Grilled squid!
Grilled squid!

After that we went to get some desserts at Azuma, a Japanese patisserie store, and headed off to a park to eat them :chuuu It’s one of my favourite cafes to eat at, they have a range of delicious treats to buy. I think I’ve posted previously about some of their cakes :glee8 This time I chose to get mixed green tea yoghurt with oreos.


All up, I had a fantastic night celebrating and hanging out with my friends, even though there was so many people it was hard to talk to everyone! :emb It also makes me in awe that I’ve made so many friends at uni lol. It’s been a while since I’ve attended a large birthday event so it was a nice change :peace

And these are the gifts that I’ve received from my lovely friends so far! :wheeeeee  My birthday is actually on the 2nd of Dec, so I’ll be having more birthday posts later on since I’ve still got to celebrate it with 2 more groups of people lol.

I was actually really surprised that I got a lot of presents. Personally I don’t really mind whether I get presents from friends or not, as long as I have fun celebrating my birthday with someone, usually that’s good enough for me :raburabu

As you can see, all my gifts are based on my hobbies and likes lol.


I was really excited to get Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask since it’s been a while since I’ve gotten a new game for my 3DS and I’m a fan of the series. Games in Australia are really expensive – 3DS games are usually around $68, depending on the game developer. I also plan to get 2 more 3DS games soon, so my friends helping me buy this really helped me :3


Tiger & Bunny is my favourite anime series and Kotetsu is my favourite character so some of my friends got me merchandise relating to it :wheeeeee I usually don’t buy anime merchandise so I’m grateful to have these :bow2 Below is a Kotetsu figurine which changeable parts, Master Grade Figurerise Wild Tiger and Tiger & Bunny gag manga book. With the MG figurerise, I’ll have to build it myself like a gundam model (do you know about those?), so I’m making it my Summer project to complete it!


This is what the parts look like in the box, and what it looks like completed. Good luck mode is like his finishing move :glee


chibi makes the world go round

Another friend got me these cute mini Korean cosmetic products :teehee I always love the packaging on Korean products, they usually always look cute and appealing. I got this mini fragrance stick, lip essence and hand cream :music


I also got this mini alpaca pirate keyring…


and this super fluffy alpaca!


I guess if you haven’t noticed, I’ve had an obsession with alpacas for a while now, but this year it really hit off because I had friends who were able to get my Arpakasso alpaca items :sobb2 I think they’re just so cute!


  1. So many cute stuff >o< Alpaca-chan looks soooo sweet *3*
    And the grilled squid looks so delicious ^w^ looks like you had a lot of fun :D

  2. Congrats on wrapping up the second Semester and Happy belated Birthday! (☆^ー^☆)
    The oreao cup looks soooo delicious and the bunny cosmetics are adorable :)

  3. wow seems like you’ve had a great time! :)
    I’m also interested in getting a 3DS! 8D oh wow super jelly that you have professor layton: miracle mask ;w; grabby hands!! what other 3DS games are you planning to get?

    • I currently plan on getting New Style Boutique and Scribblenauts 3DS. I really enjoyed playing Style Boutique on the DS so I hope the 3DS is just as fun!

  4. Waah belated congratulations on your birthday! I’m glad you had such a great time! :3
    And all the cute gifts *^* Enjoy them a lot, specially the Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask game! ♥

  5. wow! the green tea yogurt with oreos looks delicious..wish they had something like that here in the states! japanese food is an awesome cuisine. its great the prices were affordable for students! that’s always an important thing for us on budgets lol!


  6. Celebrating together as a group is pretty fun and interesting! I remember my last birthday, my mom gave all the June birthday’s a party in the back yard of her place. Nicely done! Everyone had a great time and we got our bellies full.

  7. Happy late birthday! ^_^

    Celebrating with so many people sound like fun! :) The things you got are really awesome too! *_*

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