It’s finally time for a mini review post! It’s currently the end of semester, so by next month I’ll be done studying for the year and will be able to post more :sobb2 I’ve got quite a few review posts backlogged and a Japanese cosmetics order coming in, so stay tuned! :happy

Another bag added to my collection~

On the 25th of July I preordered a “Back to School” package from the Arpakasso Online shop and received it earlier this month (9th Oct). It cost me ¥6000, which included an Arpakasso alpaca backpack, 3~5 alpaca themed items (I ended up getting 5 alpaca items and 1 set of cake stickers) and Japanese candy. The cost of registered air mail with tracking was also included puuu

Stationery Items

The stationery items are very cute :blood I got a mechanical pencil, double tipped highlighter, notebook, index tabs/page markers, flat case and stickers. I don’t really write anything nowadays since I always type up all my notes but it’s always handy to have a notepad and pen/pencil in your bag wakuwaku


These are super cute and useful for marking your textbooks! :bow2


These feel nice and easy to use, no qualms about them. Cute and functional, what more can I say about them? :skipping

And now to the main reason why I decided to purchase this set :raburabu Isn’t this bag super cute and fluffy? The moment I saw it, I knew I had to order it! I guess it’s sort of childish but it think it’s a perfect bag to add some cuteness to an outfit kirakira

This is what the bag looks like on me, not to small. Also, it can hold a decent amount of items and comfy to wear. The inside is lined so don’t worry about getting the inside fluff dirty!


A real alpaca on the tag

So that’s all I have to say about the order. This is the second time I’ve placed an order with this store. I know Arpakasso items are hard to find and if you place an order at this store, you won’t get fake items as it’s based in Japan :whoosh


  1. OMOO *3* Cuteness overload ~ The bag looks so happy, I don’t even…ASFDSFSDS
    Love it all!

  2. you make me love alpacas too!! omgosh so cute!!! <3

    Btw i really have to say this but ur photographs really appeal to me.. its like the freshest lemon of the season squeezed into my morning daylight with sunshine <3

  3. I love the stationary items! I was thinking of getting a backpack but I don’t think I’d ever use it >_<

  4. ooh, I can’t wait for the Japanese cosmetic haul/review :3

    hehehe I love the new bag! XD Too cute to be used as a backpack, though. I would stuff it with cotton and hug it to sleep :D

    I’ve always wanted cute sticker markers! They definitely make studying more interesting :D

    I like your dress, too! :D

    • Hopefully I’ll be able to post up that review soon~ I’m still waiting for it to arrive.

      And thanks! n_n

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