It’s always interesting to see what apps people use isn’t it? So I thought I’ll try and make monthly posts on a few apps which I’ve enjoyed using.

Happy Street
Free (optional in-game costs)

I really enjoy playing simulation games on my iPhone, since I usually play them when I’m travelling on the bus, and this game is super cute and addictive! You build stores and accommodation to get new people to your town, and placing them in a certain order can create combos which results in a “combo dΓ©cor” or more profit.

There’s also quests that help you earn more coins or flooz (in-game paid currency) and there’s some quests that relate to the animals. You can also play pranks on your townfolk by tapping a bird flying overhead and causing the bird to poop on them :XD There’s also loads of other stuff to do such as catching fish, collecting apples and coconuts, creating items to upgrade your stores. The in-game music is very pleasant to listen to puuu

Downsides? It’s based on real time, so sometimes so take a long time to make items (such as 8 hours) and it may be hard to get flooz at first, but after you start completing quests (and making your friends join so you can get flooz when you visit them lol), it’s not that hard to collect them :starr

This app gets really addictive so make sure you don’t have an assignment coming up if you plan to play it!


Cost: Free (optional purchases)

If you’re a person like me who loves to express themselves with emoticons, then this app is perfect for you! :chuuu You can use it to message people, call them, send photos etc. and if you want to add people, you can just give them your username – don’t have to give them your mobile number!

The best feature of this app are their stickers (emoticons) which are hilarious. I love using them to communicate with my friends since the stickers are so expressive :kaohuhu There are a few default stickers sets to choose from, but you can also download more (though it’ll cost you money).


Cost: Free
Language: Japanese only

This app isn’t useful unless you’re a member of Booklog (Japanese site where you can keep track of the books, comics, magazines etc that you read), but I love it because I can scan my media’s barcode with my phone and then add it to my virtual bookshelf wakuwaku It makes the process much quicker.


Also available on Android.
Cost: Free (optional purchases).

This is a cute app where you can add little labels to photos. I like using it to add them onto my instagram photos. There’s a different range of tape and fonts which you can choose from. and you can also pay to get different labels (which I think is worth it if you like the them and use the app often). I really love the label patterns and they’re very easy to add onto photos :raburabu

Here are some of my examples:


  1. Thank you for sharing your Apps! If I have time, may I should try Happy Street (if it’s available on my mobile) ^.^
    I know Line, but I didn’t install it (yet). It’s kind of Skype, right?

    Recently I am using a lot of Photo Editing Apps >w<

    • Yes, Line is similar to Skype πŸ˜€

      I know photo editing apps are what I mainly download onto my phone lol ><

  2. Thanks for posting this! I’m definitely going to download these apps now, except for BookLog since I can’t read Japanese.

    I’ve used an app by Line before, I think it’s called Line Camera? It has the same emoticons XD

  3. waaaah those are really cute apps <3 damnnn ~~
    thanks for sharing :*

    Hopefully i get to upgrade my iPhone3g so that I can use more apps

    Are you buying new iPhone5 πŸ˜€

  4. Happy Street looks really cute! Haha. I might try it for a while (since I don’t usually fancy using phones for gaming. I mainly use it for useful apps) good thing it’s available on android version too xD
    LINE is, by far, the best chatting app I’ve ever used. I think people are starting to abandon whatsapp because heck, I don’t even like it. Some are using Viber but I still like LINE because all the stickers are really fun to use. It’s such a big app though πŸ™
    Oh! Booklog looks interesting! I might download it either. Nice to see the apps you recommend here are also available on android platform πŸ˜‰
    Thank you for recommending LabelBox too! Man, these applications look really cool, exclude LINE because I’ve been using it for a long time now πŸ˜€
    As an android user, it’s nice to see how iphone apps are also available for my phone haha makes me feel like I’m not abandoned πŸ˜›


  5. I love your apps! *___*

    I’m definitely trying out Happy Street. The quality looks great for an free app. Plus, I love simulation games. (I enjoy games where I can collect….okay, hoard things. = =; )

    This is kind of like summer springs/every town actually. (in ss, you build factories/restaurants and farm ingredients.)

    Hmm…I wonder if I should do some app reviews as well…I think I’m slowly becoming an app Junkie. xD; I really like Gravity’s Ragnarok apps. The angel poring game is excellent for killing times. :3

    • Oooh Ragnarok has apps? I’ll go check them out lol. I used to love playing RO XD

      I hope you enjoy Happy Street!

  6. I use Instagram and LINE too! Thanks to you, I have installed the LabelBox app so thank you! It is definitely a very lovely addition to the apps I already have installed πŸ™‚

  7. I was playing Happy Street a while back, but like most games I ended up overplaying and getting bored of it rather quickly =w= I really liked the graphics though, very well made for a free game!
    I’ll definitely be downloading LabelBox so I can add them to my photos πŸ˜€ Thanks for sharing!

  8. My friend uses Line and told me to get it so I did XD I really do like the emoticons! But since I use my own emoticons, I don’t necessarily need them.

    I’m gonna check out Happy Street now!

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