Birthdays are usually fun events and important to celebrate to most people aren’t they?  puuu

At the moment, there’s this popular series called Kuroko no Basket (otherwise known as Kurobasu or The Basketball which Kuroko Plays), and my friend is particular on this character called Kise and her birthday lunch was coming up. So we decided that we should get the birthday girl a cake with that character on it, then someone discovered this naked artwork of him :glee3

We all agreed (and laughed very hard) to use it and troll her (and of course make her squeeee) :shinyred Nothing like seeing your favourite character like that on your birthday cake! haha.


I also suggested that we make masks of Kise, and another friend said that we should use the yaranaika face (warning, this link isn’t PG lol), so we did that as well lol :kaohuhu

Kise yaranaika (´・ω・` )

The birthday girl when she saw her cake XD

It’s always fun to think of ways to surprise people :XD I just hope my friends won’t do something like this to me lololol.


  1. OMG! THAT IS SO AWESOME! I can’t stop giggling over the awesomeness of this masks! I CAN’T! HAHAHA.

  2. Haha! What an awesome cake! 😛
    That’s a pretty good idea for a birthday surprise for someone who is obsessed with something! 🙂
    the look on your friend’s face when she saw the cake was priceless!

  3. LOL!!!!! That is hilarious! I thought the funny would stop after the picture of the cake…but that mask. HAHAHA. Too funny. You guys have got great humor and I can tell the birthday girl was dying inside 😀

  4. Hahahahahaha that is so awesome! The Yaranaika faces just top off the lulz xD Sounds like it was a fun day.

  5. i never watched that show (nor have i heard of it!) but…REVERSE HAREM! hahaha

    LMAOOOOO you and your friends are so cute! hahaha ogmosh, i wish i got that cake for my birthday!!! AND THAT MEME!!!

  6. My comment didn’t go through. 🙁

    Haha…I think it’s such a cute and sweet idea! I wouldn’t mind having L from Death Note on my cake! I think I would laugh and cry so hard! 😛

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