On Sunday I went view cherry blossoms in the Auburn Botanical Gardens! :chuuu It’s been a while since I’ve seen them in person, so I was really excited. Though in the past few days there had been strong wind so when we went there weren’t as many cherry blossoms to see as a lot of the petals had blown away. The place was also packed and really sunny, so I found it hard to take a lot of good photos :=_=U I usually take photos at a certain time of the day/in certain types of lighting so I wasn’t used to it lol. But regardless of that I had a lot of fun looking around wakuwaku

Getting ready to see the cherry blossoms!
Ticket stub! Entry was $4
My favourite shot of the day






There was also this lake which was artificially coloured a dark green? I’m not too sure why though.


I also brought along Miroku, hoping to get some good shots of him. Unfortunately I only got a few that turned out the way I wanted them to. Again, the lighting was too harsh :ohnoes Because he has a white skin tone, it’s usually hard to take photos of him if it’s too bright lol.

I like this photo though :happy It originally came out too dark, but then I photoshopped it lighter. I think it looks like a nice evening shot :glee3


We also had a picnic lunch where us girls made the food lol. I made tuna and vegetable and seaweed flavoured onigiri :glee2 All the food was really wonderful. There were dishes like fried rice, potato salad, fried chicken, inari, eggs :happy

I woke up so early to make these, I’ve forgotten how long it takes :huuu


Two of my friends also made dango, this is a shot of one version which tasted really nice :raburabu


I had lots of fun with my friends, though I was really tired by the end (and still am!) and hope to do it again soon :glee7


  1. The cherry blossoms are gorgeous! I love the photos you took :)
    And woah, you guys made all that food? Looking at it makes me hungry, haha

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