Yesterday I attended SMASH!, a manga, anime and Japanese pop culture convention, which I’ve been going to every year since it first started in 2007 puuu SMASH! is one of my favourite cons to go to – I usually have a fun experience and there’s different things do to and see every year.

This time I was helping out at my club (SuAnime)’s stall on the day and I made and designed merchandise to sell. It’s really interesting to experience a con from a different perspective. I was really nervous because I had no experience in this area so I wasn’t too sure what to make so I’m glad people bought my work :sobb2  I made these chibi felt badges of Sebastian and Ciel from Kuroshotsuji, some art prints and chibi heads postcards. I also designed badges designs and business cards with our club’s web links. There wasn’t really much variety in what I made since I had limited time and they’re two of my favourite character designs lol nyoo

I ended up printing 48 pages!
Chibi felt plush badges I sold for $10 each
Personalised pass

Sadly I didn’t get to take a photo of the stall coz the place was packed! It was very busy in the vendor hall right from 9am to around 2~3pm, I didn’t expect to see so many people lol. But here’s a photo of my Kotetsu plush sitting on the badges that our club made :XD Many thanks to the people who dropped by our stall and bought things!

Kotetsu the salesman


There were a lot of awesome cosplayers yesterday, I think it was the first time that I’ve been very impressed at seeing so many well-made/accurate cosplay outfits at a con wakuwaku I always applaud the effort that people put into making their cosplay.

Here are a select few that I loved! I sadly missed out on Takuto from Star Driver since he didn’t come close enough to the table for me to call out his name leakingtears

Favourite cosplayers of the day!

from Utapri!
One of my favourite cosplayers, Jaxama (instagram & dA handle)



My favourite stall of the day was Electric Alice‘s. I’m not into lolita but I like food/candy/pastel type items :chuuu Their stall was super cute! I loved the way they decorated it.


I took my chances and bought one of their large lucky packs, which cost me $25. I love the pastel tail chain and it’s what I love most about the pack lol :teehee

Mystery Bag

And these were the items in my bag. I really like the usamimi hairband, dessert socks and the bow hairclips. The rings are also very cute! I think it’s not bad for $25.

Mystery Bag Contents


Electric Alice also held a Harajuku fashion panel where they mainly talked about “magical girl style” which is when you base your outfit off a magical girl character. I thought that was interesting because I’ve never heard of such a thing before. I always thought it was fairy-kei :3seal

Harajuku Fashion Panel
Talking about lolita

And of course, it wouldn’t be a con post with doll photos lol. Sadly I only got to see the table at the beginning and at the end of the day so I didn’t get to have a chance to talk to my friends in the doll hobby.

cutie group~

favourite olive boy! ^3^

All in all, I had a fantastic time. Even thought I didn’t have the chance to do much since I had to stay at the stall, I’m satisfied with what I got to see and experience :raburabu

If you’re interested in seeing a few more photos, please visit my flickr!


  1. Uwahhhh, SMASH looked like ultimate fun! I was following all of you Sydney people on Twitter and was kicking myself for not being there with you guys, sob sob! B-but I’m so happy that you had a blast! And now you mention it, I do have to agree the standards of the cosplays have certainly gone up which great. :D

    I really need to visit Sydney during SMASH season– maybe next year once uni gives some leeway haha. ;;

    • I hope you can experience it one day~ Though next year the date has moved a bit later to August.

    You know I follow you on twitter, and I saw all the effort you put in all the itens that you made!
    The con looks awesome! And all the cosplayers are so well done, I love it :3
    I hope you really had a great time, and that all the other cons can be as great as this one!

    Kisses :3

  3. ohh, it looked like you had a lot of FUN there >w<
    Unfortunately, I missed the JapanExpo in Paris, I wanted to go there TT___TT
    hope there is another CON as soon as possible ^___^

    • Yes, I did ^^

      Awww, I hope you can go to another one soon! They’re very fun to go to aren’t they?

  4. Woah! I wanna go too! D: I’m glad that you had lots of fun there! :3 Did you also cosplayed on the con besides selling your merchandise (they are awesome btw!)? ^_^

    I also like the Kotetsu plush is all on the badges! XD It looks so cute >w< I wanna have a Kotetsu plush too ; _ ; Can I steal him from you? haha :P

    • Yes I did cosplay! I went as Inga form UN-GO except I was wearing a blue shirt because I left the one I was supposed to wear at home ;-;

      Haha, if you have the Barnaby plushie maybe he’ll go to you~ XD

  5. Oh my gosh!! Those badges are so adorable!! I’ve never attended an event like this and it looks really cool and awesome! I wish we have one here in Malaysia

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