It’s been roughly 6 months since I’ve dyed my hair so I decided to dye it again!  :shinyred

I’ve always wanted to try using Prettia’s foam dye, so I bought the Jewel Peach colour for US$14 from Adambeauty. Their site may be a bit confusing to browse but I like them because their EMS rate isn’t too bad. They also have really fast service! I bought and paid for my order on the 28th of June and received my package on the 4th of July.

Jewel Peach is the brightest dye in Prettia’s pink/red range and they rated it 4 stars for brightness.  I like their box since it shows a lot of pictures with labels. Simple and straight to the point! :peace

These are the items you get in the box:

  • A sachet with the gloves and instruction sheet
  • “After Colour Hair Pack” (Please note this is the washing out type)
  • Bottle with the hair dye activator
  • Bottle with hair dye colour
  • Bottle pump

So basically you pour bottle 1 into bottle 2 and tilt the bottle upright and upside down (not shake!) a few times. I did it until the bottle became full of foam. Then you attach the bottle foam and squeeze the bottle to get the foam out :chuuu

At first I got worried because the mixture came out liquidly but after around 3 pumps, it was came out foamy. The smell of the dye isn’t too bad. It’s not as strong as Beautylabo’s foam dye but you can see smell it. Make sure you dye your hair in a well ventilated area! :whoosh

Very orange for some reason 😮

Apply the foam to you hair and begin the wait! They recommend you to leave the foam in for 20~30mins. I left it in for 25mins since the scalp started to feel a bit tingly.


After that I washed out the dye and applied the conditioner they provided. It smells pretty nice and made my hair smooth :raburabu

And these are my results! I can’t really tell if I dyed my hair evenly because I think the colour looks different depending where the light is nyoo The colour is really bright under direct light and I think my hair looks dark brown with a red tone? in normal lighting puuu It’s not as bright on the box but I think it’ll probably lighten up after a few washes.

Otherwise I’m pretty happy with the way it turned out. I knew that I wouldn’t get a bright result (in room lighting) since my hair was black at the start. I think I’ll have to wait for a week or 2 to fully judge it, but I like the way it is atm :3

Right after I washed my hair, various angles in the same room lol.
Taken a day and 2 after I dyed my hair :3

I’ll post an update in around 2 weeks time :bow2


  1. Ohhh! What a gorgeous colour! 😀
    I bought the Honey Beige colour– pretty much the opposite since it’s more yellow than red. After reading your review I’m actually super excited to try this one out since the results are pretty promising. I believe I read somewhere that it works better on virgin hair? Whereas I have a good 10cms worth of regrowth and the rest bleached so ughhh not too sure. We’ll see how it goes. <3

    • Yes, I’ve also heard about that too. I hope you don’t encounter any problems with using Prettia! That colour looks really interesting; looks like I’ve got more reviews to read by you soon!

  2. I really like the color! It looks so “ginger” in the sunlight <3 I think it looks great on you :3
    I'm thinking about buy a Palty foam dye because I really like their blond colors, but I'm kinda scared to do something wrong because of the instructions in Japanese.
    Was it easy to understand the steps?


  3. Awww! I really like the color! I think it looks great! :3 I’d love to dye my hair on my own… but I’m afraid that it will go wrong ; – ; so I always go to the hairdresser. but it’s about a year ago since I dyed my hair… but your post makes me wanna go again! XD

  4. That’s a nice color! Which reminds me… I need to dye my hair… RED. 🙂 Yep, I have the dye but have yet to dye it yet. P: Oye. I should probably get on that soon… My aunt’ll be helping me because I’m too afraid to dye my hair on my own. P:

  5. Oh i love the color 🙂 i’m not a fan of dying my hair but I really like your hair color right now 🙂

  6. love the subtle change! i heard great things about this bubble dye (haven’t tried it yet!) but i heard the coverage is great! i’m glad you like the results! that’s the most important part, yea? ;D yep, it usually fades into a lighter color after several washes soooo keep your eyes out 😉

  7. Oh, your hair colour looks great! I’ve always wanted to dye my hair but I’m afraid it will turn out reddish Asian-ish brown (uhh get it?) which I don’t like. :L

  8. wheres the 2 week update? how did the colour change? really want to know!

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